Writing Again! Hope You Will Take a Look!

After a multi-month hiatus I am back at the computer working on a couple of books and trying to keep my blog updated. Just moved from Illinois to the Southern California wine country and if I can keep my hands on the keyboard and off the wine bottles, I will actually get some serious writing done. That is something I was unable to do as the Dean of the College of Media for the past six years (I stepped down August 15).

The focus of my blog is the media in general–and the area of international news and events in particular. I spent about 25 years as a foreign correspondent for the Chicago Tribune (in an era when the Tribune ACTUALLY had foreign correspondents). I was posted in Asia and Latin America, so much of what I write about focuses on those regions, however, I also look at other parts of the world.

So hope you will stop by and let me know what you think!


Ron Yates