Did He or Didn’t He? Here’s an Idea: Ask the IRS!

Forgive me if this sounds a bit simplistic, but with “Dirty” Harry Reid charging that Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney is a tax cheat couldn’t this be resolved if someone were to ask the IRS if it is preparing a tax evasion case against the former Massachusetts governor?
I mean if Romney hasn’t paid any income taxes for the past 10 years, as Dirty Harry suggests, wouldn’t that qualify for some prison time? Isn’t that the way the Feds got Al Capone in Chicago?
But wait, didn’t Tim Geithner fail to pay taxes also? But, of course, he is a Democrat and Obama minion, so I guess that’s OK. Right Harry?
During several years, Treasury secretary nominee Timothy F. Geithner failed to pay Social Security and Medicare taxes totaling some $26,000, even though he was advised by his employer, the International Monetary Fund, to do so. Instead he signed an agreement indicating that he understood that such payments were his responsibility and received extra pay from his employer specifically for that purpose.
Mr. Geithner “came clean” only when he was caught, first by an IRS audit that found he owed Social Security taxes for 2003 and 2004 and then when additional tax liabilities for 2001 and 2002 were discovered after his nomination as Treasury Secretary.
So, if Mitt Romney has, like Geithner, failed to pay taxes, why wouldn’t an IRS audit indicate that?
The answer is quite likely that the IRS has never done such an audit and that Romney has indeed paid his taxes for the past 10 years.
Of course, this doesn’t stop the Chicago political mafia led by David Axelrod and the Chick-fil-A  hating Mayor Rahm Emanuel from slinging slime at Romney.
Hey, that’s Chicago politics. It’s the way the game is played in the Windy City and its where our feckless leader in the White House learned the rules.
Don’t think the filthy tactics are finished with the Dirty Harry rant in the Senate, either. The Obama/Axelrod mafia has just begun its descent into the dung heap that is Chicago politics.
As a general assignment reporter for the Chicago Tribune in the 1970s I witnessed my share of the corruption that has long been a trademark of Chicago’s Democratic machine.
A recent report by the Political Science Department of the University of Illinois revealed that Chicago is Number 1 in public corruption while the State of Illinois is ranked Number 3 so far as corrupt states go.  The report said that since 1976 – federal prosecutors rung up a total of 1,531 public corruption convictions in the Northern District of Illinois. The 1,828 total convictions for Illinois lagged only behind California and New York.
Since the 1970s, four of Illinois’ seven governors have been convicted (Otto Kerner, Dan Walker, George Ryan and Rod Blagojevich) of corruption. In addition, dozens of Chicago alderman and other city and county public officials have been found guilty.
Corruption is intertwined with Chicago city politics, the report said, adding that about a third of sitting alderman since 1973 have been corrupt and the city has averaged 51 public corruption convictions each year since 1976.
With this kind of pedigree is anybody surprised then that the Obama campaign is pulling out all the stops to smear Gov. Romney and anybody who supports him?
Is it any wonder that the Obama campaign is dead set against any kind of voter identification law? After all, while Chicago may not be the home of AMCTV’s the “Walking Dead” it has always been the home of the “Voting Dead.”
Bringing the dead from their graves to support Chicago’s Democratic Machine would be more difficult if they had to show voter IDs. And of course, the same can be said for the millions of illegal aliens who show up at the polls to vote for the Democrat party candidates–not to mention those who vote multiple times.
What we are seeing in the Obama administration is the Chicago-ization of national politics.
Dirty Harry Reid’s despicable performance in the Senate last week reminded me of watching a Chicago City Council meeting in full swing–you don’t want to wear clean clothing in that noble chamber when the mud-slinging starts.
When Barack Obama was elected President he promised there would be no “politics as usual.” He was right. Instead we are getting politics at its worst–a huge dose of political corruption, chicanery and thievery courtesy of Chicago’s Democratic crime family of which Obama is an offspring.