America’s Petulant Post Election Tantrums

It is amazing, no, it is actually depressing and disquieting, that there are people in our country who cannot abide those who have opinions or positions that are in opposition to theirs.

These people are typically found on the left flank of the political spectrum and are more commonly known as “leftists and liberals.”

If you question what a liberal or leftist considers an inviolate truth, you are quickly labeled with any number of malicious sobriquets. These are people who cannot or will not respect another person’s right to express an opinion, belief, or idea with which they don’t agree.


Racist, bigot, fascist, sexist, xenophobe, Islamophobe are a few of their favorite labels they have thrown around during and after the recent presidential campaign.

For example, if you happen to believe that it is a good thing to curtail the unlawful migration of hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants into our country, you are both a racist and a xenophobe.

If you demand that we create a more reliable system of vetting refugees and immigrants from areas of the world rife with radical Islamic terrorism, then you are an Islamophobe.

If you question or criticize the policies of our outgoing black president, you are a racist.

If you didn’t vote for Hillary Clinton for president, you must be a sexist.

If you voted for Donald Trump for president, then you must be all of the above.

Sadly, this is where our country is today.

Our nation is populated by millions of intolerant, whining, malicious, and hypersensitive people who have been indoctrinated by a profusion of like-minded educators, media pundits, and news organizations to despise anybody who happens to embrace the political philosophy of conservatism.

If you are a conservative and if you believe in the principles incorporated in the U.S. Constitution, or in our economic system, or in controlling our borders, or in identifying and calling Islamic Terrorism for what it is, then you are at a minimum deeply flawed, or you are an irredeemable fascist.

One of the most cherished traditions in our country has always been the peaceful transfer of power following an election. No matter what party or person you voted for we always valued and respected the electoral process. Apparently, that does not apply to the election of 2016 and a significant element of the liberal establishment.

An anti-Trump protester jumps on top of a police vehicle caving in the roof as protesters fill the streets in front of the Orange County Fair & Event Center along Fair Drive after the Trump rally let out in Costa Mesa, California on Thursday, April 28, 2016. (Jose Lopez)
An anti-Trump protester jumps on top of a police vehicle

Thousands of squawking leftists have taken to the streets to protest the outcome of the presidential election. Demonstrators, police report, have been bussed in with professionally-created signs and some are being paid $15 an hour by organizations associated with the ultra-left billionaire George Soros. While some of these demonstrations have been peaceful, others have been nothing more than wrathful professionally organized rampages in which property is destroyed, and police are attacked.

These demonstrators remind me of petulant, overindulged children who have had something taken away from them and, consequently, are throwing a tantrum. Frankly, I am amazed that the cerebrally fragile college students that comprise large segments of these mobs have abandoned the “safe places” indulgent college administrators have created for them on campuses. After all, those refuges were created to shield their uber-fragile minds from ideas and opinions they find offensive or hostile.


All Americans have a right to protest and voice their opinions. That is protected by the First Amendment. They can burn flags, hang the president-elect in effigy, weep, howl, blubber, wave signs and the Mexican flag—all the things that protesters usually do.

But they don’t have a right to destroy property, attack police, beat or shoot Trump supporters, or threaten to kill the president-elect—all things that have happened in the days since the polls were closed and Donald Trump was declared the winner over Hillary Clinton. Those are all crimes, and they will earn you a criminal record if convicted.

I am not alone in my opinion. Below, I have attached some fascinating links that I encourage you to examine.

In the meantime, I would urge the spiteful proletariat to back off and give the new president the courtesy of at least an inauguration on January 20.