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    The Latest From My Blog

    Thomas A. Edison’s Predictions About the Future

    One of the more enduring activities of human beings has always been to imagine what the future will bring. We all do it, some more than others. It’s what separates us from the rest of earth’s creatures, most of which are too consumed with daily survival to think past their … Read more…

    A Piñata of Miscellanea. Go On, Take a Swing!

    “And now for something completely different,” as they used to say on the old Monty Python show. Duriing any given week I receive heaps of emails containing bits of wisdom, humor, anonymous information, and lots of weirdness. Normally, I give these things a quick read and delete them. Today, however, … Read more…

    This is NOT My America

    The other day I was taking stock of what is going on in our country and I realized that this is no longer the country in which I was born and reared. It is an alien place that seems to have embraced George Orwell’s vision of nationhood—a place filled with … Read more…

    More Than Three-Fourths of Americans Say our Nation is in Decline

    A new poll released Thursday shows that three-fourths of Americans believe American society and culture are in a state of rapid decay. Is anybody surprised by this? I certainly am not. Just look at what is happening since Joe Biden took office. Crime is not only up everywhere, it is … Read more…

    It’s a New Year & Time to Explode Some Erroneous COVID Myths

    For two years we have been bombarded with misinformation, misperception, and one lie after another when it comes to our seemingly never-ending battle with the COVID-19 virus and its apparently endless variants. First, we were told cloth face masks didn’t work when it comes to avoiding infection from COVID. Then, … Read more…

    Good Riddance to 2021: Another Annus Horribilis

    At the end of 2020, I posted a commentary in which I said: “In all my years on this planet, I never experienced a year as horrible as 2020. I am sure there are others with six or seven decades under their belts who feel the same.” Guess what, 2021 … Read more…

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