A Biden-Harris Win Will Lead America Into Socialism & We Will Probably Never Recover

Today, I am reposting a commentary from my cousin, Steve Baldwin, a former California state assemblyman and former executive director of the Council for National Policy and Young Americans for Freedom. His commentary is a powerful indictment of the Biden-Harris presidential ticket. Please read on. You won’t be disappointed.

By Steve Baldwin

I have little doubt this coming election is a tipping point in American history. I believe the evidence shows that a Biden-Harris victory will lead America down a socialist road from which we will probably not recover.

I say this because the Democrats will likely stack the Supreme Court with at least two more justices to obtain rulings such as the legalization of all illegal aliens physically within the U.S.A., thereby creating millions more likely Democratic voters.

The Dems will also push for a court ruling that abolishes the Electoral College, claiming it is “racist” because it protects rural areas from being dominated by urban area voters.

Moreover, assuming the Dems also take control of both houses, they will vote to make Puerto Rico and Washington, D.C., states, giving the Democrats four more U.S. senators.

These actions are not imagined by the right; instead, they are commonly discussed at conferences and in blogs by the same hard-core leftists who now surround Biden and Harris. Combined, these actions would give the Dems permanent control of the U.S.A.

A Biden-Harris victory will ensure that the Republican Party will never win the presidency again, and America will gradually be transformed into a socialist semi-dictatorship in which opponents will be spied on, censored, harassed and even jailed based on trumped-up charges and bogus claims of “hate speech.”

People who scoff at this have no idea how common such a scenario is throughout world history. Moments of freedom and liberty, undergirded by a Constitution that guarantees us a slew of rights, are quite rare in human history, and such moments almost always come to an end.

It is in the hands of the voters and whether independent and undecided voters will drink the Kool-Aid or break from the dominant phony media narrative and vote to re-elect Trump.

But if you are still undecided about who to vote for, I urge you to take a hard look at how the Biden-Harris ticket will act on four critical issues that will dramatically affect America should they win this November.

Cronyism, Corruption, and Entitlement

Biden has been in government for over 40 years with no discernable legislative accomplishments either as a senator or as Obama’s vice president.

This is quite strange. Biden seems to have spent most of his time in government enriching himself and his family members. The media played down or ignored Biden’s involvement with Ukrainian corruption. Still, it was Biden who publicly boasted about withholding foreign aid to Ukraine if the government didn’t fire the prosecutor who had begun an investigation into the shady energy company where his son Hunter served on the board.

Indeed, it has now been revealed that many of his family members used his position as a senator and then V.P. to enrich themselves. James Biden – Joe’s brother – was one. And Joe’s sister Valerie had her snout in the trough as well: Indeed, most of Joe’s children became wealthy off of their father’s position.

Moreover, the Biden kids have used their name to avoid prosecution for crimes anyone else would have been punished for committing.

It should also be pointed out that the evidence is now clear that the Obama-Biden team was calling the shots for the entire “Russiagate” scandal, clearly the most serious effort in American history to rig an election.

This scandal involved their appointees at a half-dozen agencies who collaborated to create a phony “Trump is controlled by Russia” narrative to influence the 2016 election, and then used this same narrative to remove Trump after the election.  There is simply no way dozens of political appointees would engage in a felonious conspiracy without “cover” from the Obama-Biden White House.

Let’s also not forget the Obama-Biden administration’s efforts to use the I.R.S. to harass conservative groups, covering up the Benghazi scandal that left four Americans dead and wiretapping and harassing journalists who refuse to toe the party line.

This is the kind of corruption and entitlement mentality that permeates Washington, as exemplified by the Bidens, but this pattern of conduct also tells us how he will govern.

Due to his declining mental abilities, Joe Biden will not be involved in setting policy. Instead, he will use his presidency to enrich himself and his family further while his V.P., Kamala Harris, a far-left ideologue, will set policy for this administration.

And we should also expect a Biden-Harris administration to use the power of the federal government to harass opponents, interfere with elections and spy on politicians and journalists who don’t go along with their plans.

Crime and Defunding the Police

One of the most significant issues of this campaign is law and order.

If our government can’t maintain order in our cities, then many other issues become moot. You can’t have a strong economy if people fear going to work.

But it appears that Biden and Harris have sided with the looters and thugs who have brought devastation to our inner cities, destroyed thousands of businesses, injured over 700 police officers and killed dozens of people, most of them minorities.

The Biden-Harris campaign desperately wants the support of the far left, which includes the Black Lives Matter/Antifa anti-police movement, but does not want American voters to know they support much of its agenda, such as the abolition of bailcuts to the police and restrictions that will make it almost impossible for law enforcement to maintain order.

Biden’s own “unity task force” with Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders issued a paper containing all the buzzwords the far left embraces that will have the effect of dramatically weakening law enforcement in the U.S.A.

But there are other clues where Biden stands on this issue.

It was recently revealed that Biden staffers were pouring money into the Minnesota Freedom Fund. This fund pays off the bail of those rioters arrested for property destruction and other crimes.

Biden now opposes the entire notion of bail, which is part of the B.L.M. agenda. This means, of course, that potentially dangerous criminals will be released immediately after being arrested. A Biden staffer was also caught smearing the police in a social media post but was not fired.

Needless to say, staff members who are anti-police and pro-rioter would not be working for Biden unless he agreed with them on this issue.

As a former prosecutor, Harris claims to be pro-law and order, but she also promoted the Minnesota Freedom Fund, which, by the way, has paid for the release of an actual sex offender.

So much for Harris standing up for the safety of women.

And Harris said that “we need to reimagine how we are achieving public safety” because “we have confused the idea that to achieve safety, you put more cops on the street.” This, of course, is all code for cutting police budgets and regulating the police to the point they are no longer effective. She has also marched with protesters.

This is why many of the national policy unions and associations are now endorsing the Trump-Pence ticket.

A Biden-Harris victory will mean rewarding cities that cut their police budgets with federal aid. It will mean that protesters convicted of crimes on federal property, such as courthouses and national monuments, will be released. It will mean we will witness a slew of congressional legislation and presidential initiatives that will regulate police to the point they will no longer be able to control violence in our cities.

Illegal Immigration and Border Control

Unlike Trump, Biden supports health care benefits for illegal aliens and opposes Trump’s border wall. Clearly, Biden has no “core values” and changes his views to whatever his consultants tell him to. Indeed, just a few years ago, he enthusiastically bragged about his support for a 700-mile wall and stopping illegal immigration.

Harris also supports a wide range of benefits for illegal aliens, including education, welfare, and health care. As San Francisco district attorney, she even oversaw a program that allowed “illegal immigrants to stay out of prison by training them for jobs they cannot legally hold,” according to the Los Angeles Times.

When the “caravans” full of thousands of illegal aliens started to flood into the country, Harris opposed beefing up border security. She also says she wants to “decriminalize border crossings,” which essentially means we will no longer have a border. Furthermore, she’s compared I.C.E. to the K.K.K.

The Biden-Harris view of the concept of citizenship and border security will send a signal to the world that America no longer enforces border security and will reward those who trek northward with an array of free benefits.

The result will be a tidal wave of millions of illegal aliens that will overwhelm our health care system, our schools, our criminal justice system, and our welfare system. This mentality will eventually cost our country trillions of dollars, and it will not be sustainable.

Economic Freedom and Prosperity

First, people need to be reminded that the Obama-Biden years did considerable damage to our country economically.

That administration did everything possible to regulate and tax businesses, thereby creating the most anti-job environment since the Great Depression. In fact, the Obama-Biden government averaged 1.5 percent G.D.P. growth over its seven years, one of the worst G.D.P. records in history.

By 2016, the real unemployment rate was over 12 percent, according to Democratic economic adviser Leo Hindery. Indeed, only 62.6 percent of Americans were working by 2016, the lowest rate since the 1970s. A significant contributor to the sluggish economy was the Obamacare program, which created new taxes and regulations for employers.

Not once did Biden do or say anything critical of the Obama economic agenda, and, of course, he enthusiastically supported it. Indeed, there is no record of Joe Biden during his entire tenure as vice president promoting or initiating any policies that would result in job growth.

Moreover, since Biden has become the Democratic nominee for president, he has moved even further to the left, attempting to obtain the support of his party’s socialist wing. This is evidenced by the agreement he made with Bernie Sanders to support his socialist agenda.

Indeed, Biden has now proposed massive new government programs with a price tag of over 10 trillion dollars and called for reversing Trump’s tax cuts to supposedly help pay for these programs such as the “Green New Deal,” socialized health care, free universal pre-school, etc.

And Harris is just as clueless on the economy.

Her first economic-oriented announcement as a presidential candidate in 2019 was to call for a massive hike in the federal minimum wage and force all employers to pay salaries many cannot afford to pay without going under. Apparently, Harris, who knows absolutely nothing about economic policy, seems to know precisely what wages employers should pay their employees.

Naturally, Harris also supports the elimination of all private health care, assuring Americans that the federal government will do a better job providing this service. Right.

And both Biden and Harris have come out in favor of laws that ban independent or “gig” contractors with the intent to force all American workers to become corporate employees. There is no good economic reason for doing this, aside from appeasing one of the biggest donors to their campaign, organized labor.

Unions can’t easily organize gig workers, so they want them eliminated. But Biden and Harris do not seem to understand or care that such laws will have a devastating impact on millions of American workers who work on their own or work for companies who use a “gig” model such as Uber.

With a Biden-Harris victory, some of the biggest tax hikes in history will have to occur to pay for a socialist domestic agenda.

Every American who owns a house or has a job will be dramatically affected. Those who work hard will be punished with new taxes and fees, while those who don’t will be rewarded by a massive expansion of welfare programs. The biggest wealth redistribution in history will transpire, with the result being the return of America to a permanent recession, even worse than what we suffered through during the Obama era.

Of course, many other issues demonstrate the danger of a Biden-Harris victory, such as Biden’s support for communist China, a country that has been working to destroy the U.S.A. for decades, his support for gun control, his support for reversing Trump’s abandoning of the Iran nuclear deal and his long history of lying and plagiarism.

Then there is Harris’ failure to prosecute child molesters in California, her support of abortion up until birth, her bigoted attack on Catholics, her unconstitutional attack on gun stores as a prosecutor, and her support for biological males competing in female sports.

This is the most far-left ticket to run for the presidency, and vice presidency in American history and a victory by Biden-Harris will have severe consequences on the future of America and upon the quality of life for our children and grandchildren.

Steve Baldwin is a former California state assemblyman and the former executive director of the Council for National Policy and Young Americans for Freedom. He has been published in numerous publications and is the author of “From Crayons to Condoms, The Ugly Truth about America’s Public Schools.” He is a contributing editor to The Western Journal.


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