Book Review: Not Your H.G. Wells Time Machine

As I was reading Fifty-Seven Years and Fifty-Seven More by Richard Schwindt, I found myself constantly amazed at the author’s far-reaching range of creativity. This is a book about time-travel, a genre I really enjoy reading. But it is unlike any other time-travel book I have ever read—certainly not like H.G. Wells’ classic “The Time Machine,” upon which so many of today’s time travel novels is based.

Our time-traveling protagonist is Richard George Sutton, a man who has lived before in other times. Even more fascinating is the fact that Sutton knows when the life he is currently living ends, he will return to a life he has already lived once. Sound confusing? Maybe. But it’s not really.

I would rather say the story is infuriatingly unforeseen and unpredictable. I certainly wasn’t expecting many of the twists and turns in this remarkable yarn. There is a rare honesty about it that pulls and tugs at you as you flip the pages on your Kindle—or turn them on a softcover version of the book. As someone who lived through the turbulent Sixties as a college student, I can relate to the book’s protagonist. But even if you weren’t part of the Sixties revolution, seeing the past through the eyes of the time-traveling Richard George Sutton is a hoot!

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