Joe Biden: Not My President?

Some of my followers may have wondered why I haven’t been posting anything since my last post on November 21. Or maybe you haven’t.

That’s okay. I am going to tell you anyway.

It has taken me this long to digest the indigestible dog’s dinner that the 2020 presidential election turned out to be.

During my 30-year career as a reporter and editor, I have never witnessed a more outrageous and potentially fraudulent presidential election. Millions of unsolicited mail-in ballots were sent out and distributed by state election officials to dead people, people who had moved to other states, to illegal aliens, to people who received not one, not two, but sometimes four and five ballots.

We all know who was behind this disgrace and travesty of an election: election officials in states run mostly by Democrat governors.

Chicago’s late Democrat Mayor Richard J. Daley must be smiling down (or up) from whatever transcendent, otherworldly abode in which he is currently residing. For those who don’t know about Daley, he was the last of the so-called “big city bosses” and he ran one of the most efficient, effective, and corrupt Democrat machines in American history from 1955 to 1976.

Chicago Mayor Daley ca 1968

How the Dems managed to filch the election from Trump needs to be investigated by a special counsel and I hope Barr appoints one to do that, thereby making Biden’s tenure in the White House as miserable as the Dems have made Trump and his family since 2016.

If Daley were still around, he could tell us. He had so many dead voters casting ballots for him and his machine that it is said he only campaigned in the city’s cemeteries.

If Donald Trump had been defeated fairly without the taint of rigged ballot machines, phony ballots, unsigned mail-in ballot sleeves, people voting multiple times, thousands of ballots marked only for Biden and no votes for down-ballot candidates, and ballot counting in the middle of the night after both Democrat and GOP observers were booted out of counting centers, I would have been more inclined to accept Biden’s improbable election.

As it is, I am tempted to do what Democrats did when Donald Trump was elected in 2016 and shout: “Not My President.”

But I won’t, because once Biden is sworn in, Joe Biden will, for better or worse, be “my president,” even if he received an implausible 80 million votes by hunkering in his basement without doing any substantive campaigning.

But that’s not the only reason I am tempted to shout “Biden is NOT my president.”

Biden is a proven liar and plagiarist—inconvenient truths that forced him to drop out of the 1988 presidential race. Don’t take my word for it. Check out this montage from various news networks. If you haven’t seen this, you owe it to yourself to view it. It’s short!

Isn’t it amazing that the American public and press were outraged by this behavior in the 1980s, but in 2020 nobody cares if a 78-year-old prevaricator and plagiarist with a diminished mental capacity becomes the American president?

More recently, evidence and corroboration have emerged about the Biden family’s inappropriate financial dealings with China and Ukraine while he was Vice-President under Obama. Most of us have heard all about the millions of dollars Hunter Biden took from Ukraine and China and the 10% that went to the “Big Guy.”

Turns out the “Big Guy” is the millionaire deceiver and prevaricator who is going to attempt to lead the country.

Here is what to expect.

If the Democrats gain control of the Senate, there is little doubt that we are headed for socialism, with illegitimate and devious restraints on the First and Second Amendments, not to mention checks on many other rights that we take for granted today.

I believe many of the 74 million Americans who voted for Trump will not sit by passively as their rights are taken away while the country returns to being a willing supplicant to China as it was under the feckless Obama.

I hate to think about what will happen with Iran and the progress President Trump made in the Middle East with historic peace accords between Israel and Arab countries. By the way, even though these were the first peace accords in the Middle East in a quarter-century, the corrupt legacy media chose largely to ignore them or give them short shrift.

Be prepared for a reversal of Trump’s drawdown of American military involvement in the Middle East and Afghanistan. More war in the M.E. may be right around the corner.

All those who voted for Biden should also get ready for a precipitous decline in our economy; massive job losses as companies move off-shore once again in response to Biden’s promised 10 percent increase in corporate taxes; and a rise in long-term interest rates triggered by decreased demand for treasury notes under Janet Yellen, Biden’s pick for Treasury Secretary. Yellen is considered a monetary policy “dove” meaning she prefers keeping rates low to spur more hiring and faster job and wage growth without worrying too much about rising inflation.

As for short-term interest rates, I predict the Fed will attempt to get a handle on our multi-trillion-dollar debt by decreasing the money supply & raising interest rates, thereby making it more attractive to deposit funds and reduce borrowing from the central bank.

Nobody in Biden’s cabinet has ever run a business or had to meet a payroll. For most of their adult lives, they have gorged themselves like swine at the public trough—and that includes Biden and Kamala Harris, who is quite possibly a communist, like her mother and father. Don’t expect either Biden or Harris to have any understanding or sympathy for struggling small American business owners who are the backbone of this nation’s economy.

Instead, watch Biden the falsifier and plagiarist take credit for the Covid-19 vaccine and its swift distribution which has already started under President Trump. Biden will gut religious freedom protections that allow faith-based homeless shelters, charities, and small business owners to act according to their consciences. He has promised to eliminate ALL of Trump’s tax cuts while raising taxes on individuals and small businesses. Even more disturbing is Biden’s promise to rein in charter schools, which have proven to be an effective alternative to failing schools in our nation’s inner cities.

Watch him on day one of his presidency use a slew of executive orders to undo many of Donald Trump’s America-First policies, such as the elimination of business-crushing government regulations; Trump’s tough trade stance vis-à-vis a predatory China; his departure from the Paris climate accord and the World Health Organization; his ban on travel from some Muslim-majority countries; and his withdrawal from the flawed Iran nuclear accord.

In other words, Biden’s regime will be a repeat of the weak and ineffective Obama administration in which the United States returns to leading from behind while allowing our so-called allies in Europe and Asia to take advantage of us with unfair trade deals and unfavorable international political agreements and treaties. Does NATO ring a bell?

So, is Joe Biden my president?

No, he isn’t. Not yet, at least. He will have to earn my support by proving he can actually bring a divided nation together.

Sadly, right now, Biden appears more disposed to continue alienating conservatives and Trump supporters by pushing an uncompromising and unprecedented leftist/socialist agenda.

That’s a mistake. The United States is NOT a socialist country and I hope it never will be.

Stay tuned!







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