Why We are Seeing a Resurgence of Socialism Today

Today, I am providing a link to a talk that Wall Street Journal columnist and editorial board member Kimberly Strassel gave recently at Hillsdale College on why we are seeing a resurgence of socialism in America.

I have my own opinions about why this is happening and after watching Strassel’s talk, we agree on the reasons that a persistently failed system of government is on the rise in America—especially among this nation’s young.

As to reasons for socialism’s enigmatic rise in America, Strassel points to structural shifts in the nation, globalization, the politics of envy, over-regulation in America, our ever-growing government, an elitist ruling class, identity politics, and groupthink.

Younger Americans simply aren’t growing up, she says. They are living at home until their thirties, putting off marriage and home buying, etc.—in short, they aren’t doing the mature things that earlier generations did that would normally force them grow up.

Kimberly Strassel

In her talk, Strassel tells the story of a conversation between a child and a parent. The child says, “When I grow up, I want to be a socialist.” The parent responds, “Okay, honey. But the problem with that, is that you can’t do both.”

I hope you will find the time to watch and listen to Kimberly Strassel’s talk. Just click on the link here:


In addition to her positions at the Wall Street Journal, Kimberly Strassel is the author of The Intimidation Game: How the Left is Silencing Free Speech & Resistance at All Costs: How Trump Haters are Breaking America. She is a frequent guest on weekend news shows Face the Nation, Meet the Press, and Fox News Sunday with Christ Wallace.

Hillsdale College is a private liberal arts college in Hillsdale, Michigan with a student enrollment of 1,500. It was founded in 1844 by abolitionists.




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