Political Predictions for an Orwellian Biden-Harris Regime

Today I am posting a commentary from former California Assemblymember Steve Baldwin. Steve is an astute political observer and author who served as Executive Director of the Council for National Policy in Washington D.C. FYI, this Steve Baldwin is NOT the younger brother of Alec Baldwin. However, he is my cousin. I think you will find his comments instructive and prescient.

Political Predictions for an Orwellian Biden-Harris Regime

By Steve Baldwin

It’s time for my political predictions. Some of you will recall that I published a commentary at the beginning of the Obama era in 2008 and made some predictions, 90 % of which were correct. Because Joe Biden served as Obama’s VP and has hired hundreds of Obama cronies, we know this administration will be as radical, or more so, than the Obama administration was.


Biden has never held a real job outside of government and in his 45 years of public service he has never sponsored or supported legislation that assisted the free enterprise system, cut taxes or reduced regulation.  After the destruction of much of our economy due to COVID, Biden was absolutely the worse possible pick.  It would be like the Jews in Israel, after WW11, electing a Nazi to be their president.  All the more reason to believe the election fraud was deep and systematic.

Using Executive Orders, Biden has already restored thousands of new regulations, many of the same regulations that kept the Obama economy under 2.5% GDP growth for all 8 years, a historic record. If Biden is able to pass the half dozen tax increases he is proposing, there will be a great disincentive for investment and growth.  The worst tax, economically, will be a much higher tax on those he calls “the wealthy” but who are also the people who create all the jobs.  He actually believes that government spending serves as an economic “stimulus,” as Obama did, but that was disastrous then as it will be now.

Steve Baldwin

Indeed, if the current budget bill passes, $2 trillion will be added to the national debt, thereby surpassing the GDP for the first time since WW11.  Not only with this be an enormous drag on the economy but I believe that hyperinflation is on the horizon since you can’t print this much money without inflation.  Then there’s his obsession with passing a $15 an hour federal minimum wage hike. This policy alone will cost at least a million jobs alone.

Finally, Biden’s ban on oil leases on federal land (which is where MOST drilling occurs), the banning of new oil pipelines and entering the suicidal Paris Climate Accords, will all combined to devastate our energy supply and drive up energy costs.


Biden’s incredibly naive economic policies combined with the impact of COVID will lead to a severe recession by mid-2022.  We will start to see the beginning of hyperinflation by the end of this year.  Unemployment will not bounce back to where it was during the Trump years and GDP growth will, even after recovering from COVID, remain around a stagnant 2% the remainder of Biden’s term.  This could change if the GOP takes control of congress in the Nov., 2022 election and stops some of this agenda but the Dems are pushing to pass this economic agenda before the mid-term elections as they know a tidal wave of voter discontent will cause them to lose congress in two years.

Trans Athletes/Gender Anarchy

Biden is doing everything he can not only to promote the dangerous trend of people mutilating their genitalia but to proclaim that this is a  “right” and then force the rest of us to bow down to this insane movement.  Legislation backed by Biden will force schools, churches, and businesses to hire transgenders and allow biological males to use girls’ bathrooms and lockers. It will also force all women’s sports teams to accept biological males for simply declaring they “feel like a woman.” Already, trans athletes are dominating woman’s wrestling, track, and other sports.

Bear in mind, that no matter how much surgery one has or hormone shots one takes, a male is nevertheless born with one X and one Y chromosome, and a female is born with two X chromosomes.   This makes a significant difference in muscle mass, strength, endurance, etc.


Women’s sports will come under full assault and thousands of high school and middle school girls will drop out of sports rather than compete against biological males.  Such policies will set back decades all women’s sports.  The recent story of an MMA male crushing the skull of his female competitor is just the beginning of the horror stories that we will soon hear about on a regular basis.

Churches will fight this policy and court battles will drag on for years.  In the meantime, religious freedom will suffer as Christians and others will be forced to accept a lifestyle that is unhealthy, immoral, and has a 20% suicide rate, but have no fear, Biden’s Education Dept has already pledged to promote this lifestyle in our K-12 schools.


Biden’s Green New Deal is still on the table and even though the Trump administration managed to achieve energy independence, Biden has now halted offshore drilling and oil leases on federal lands, not to mention killing the Keystone pipeline which, of course, will drive up the cost of energy and make us dependent once again upon our enemies for oil.  Biden has announced he will rejoin the Paris Climate Accord which, like most international agreements loved by the left, forces the USA to pay for the rest of the world’s dirty environments while we maintain the purest air in the world.

Indeed, “climate change” orders have been issued to every agency, from NASA to the Navy, so that the bulk of our government will be chasing ghosts on behalf of a theory that tens of thousands of scientists say simply has no science behind it.   Once again, as with the Obama era, millions of dollars will be spent subsidizing wind and solar energy companies.  Remember Solyndra which went bankrupt? Times that by ten.


We will soon experience higher energy costs and return to dependence on the Middle East for oil. We will ultimately lose tens of thousands of energy-related jobs.

Foreign Policy

On foreign policy, Biden has stacked his administration with old retreads from the liberal foreign policy establishment, which means returning to the creaking global diplomatic institutions that favor summits, conferences, photo-ops, and empty threats.  This is an “American Last” agenda that sends a message to our enemies that we can be taken advantage of.

Already, Biden has sent a message to China that we will not impede their path to domination over the USA.  He even banned the use of the term “China virus” but more ominously, he is ending the trade war with China and has given China access to the US energy grid. There will be no consequences to China as it increases its theft of intellectual property, its currency manipulation, its militarism, and its attack on Hong Kong’s autonomy. None of this should be surprising, given the Biden family’s financial ties to the PRC.

Trump kept the pressure on Iran with a variety of sanctions, but Biden is not only proposing the removal of those sanctions, he is looking for ways to support Iran’s nuclear “energy” program. This, despite the fact that our intelligence services have confirmed that it is really a program to create nuclear weapons to be used against the West.  Obama was such a moron that he gave 300 million dollars to Iran for its nuclear development program and as a result, Iran is now closer than ever to developing atomic weapons. And now Biden is picking up where Obama left off.  Already, sensing Biden’s weakness, a terrorist proxy of Iran recently attacked a U.S. base in Iraq, killing a civilian contractor and wounding 9 other personnel, including a member of the armed forces.

Biden has sent a signal of weakness to Iran by taking Iran client Yemen off the state terrorist list and restoring payments to the terrorist Palestinian Authority, which for years has abused American and UN money to fund terrorist groups and pay blood-money to jihadis who murder Israeli citizens. Biden has also cut off arms sales to Saudi Arabia, a long-time ally of the U.S. that has been moving closer to Israel in order to thwart Iran’s aggression.  These actions are undercutting Trump’s historic Middle East peace agreement – the  Abraham Accords – but apparently, the Biden administration wants to abandon Israel and sabotage the only lasting peace agreement the Middle East has ever had.

Like most Liberals, Biden believes the USA should be the policeman of the world and while Trump did not start any new wars, Biden has already started a new war with Syria by commencing military action there. No one seems to know how intervening in Syria is in America’s national security interests, but who cares? The liberal media says it’s important so it must be.


Iran obtains the nuclear bomb and uses it to blackmail Israel and other countries. Terrorism dramatically increases throughout the world,  due to renewed funding from Iran. Israel comes back under attack from hostile neighbors.  The US returns to fighting endless wars in the Middle East.


The idea that America is inherently racist permeates all aspects of Biden’s policies.  He is now forcing all government workers to undergo training in  “critical race theory” in order to make sure all 5 million government workers understand that whites are the root of all evil and that they must prove they are not racists.  This theory was developed by Marxist scholars a few decades ago and if it’s not challenged, it will create much division and chaos in our culture.

Biden has even instructed his FBI to ignore the Islamic threat and make their number one focus  “white supremacists” which, in the minds of liberals, means anyone who wants to control our borders, supports voter ID legislation, or judges people based on merit.  In other words, everyone who is not a leftist nut.

Even his health care policies are being dictated by racial conspiracies, claiming that Blacks are disproportionately affected by COVID and therefore need to be prioritized when it comes to vaccinations.   The Biden team also believes that environmental issues are based on race and that lower-income communities are environmentally devastated due to white racism.

Education policies will also be dominated by race, with federal funding targeted on specific racial groups as the expenses of other races. All such racial policies are unconstitutional, of course, as it is illegal for the government to spend federal dollars denigrating one race over another, but our courts are so corrupt, there won’t be any consequences.


The Black Lives Matter conspiracy theory that everything that’s wrong with blacks in America today is due to white supremacy, will become the main focus of many of Biden’s policies.  This dangerous and nutty theory will lead to more division and racial upheaval. Racial quotas and preferences will dramatically increase in all sectors of our society and always at the expense of merit.


On illegal immigration, which the Trump team managed to reduce significantly, team Biden seeks to make illegal entry easier by halting all deportations and offering generous benefits to illegal aliens.  This will almost assuredly result in millions of illegals heading north. Already, as I write this, massive caravans are forming in South and Central America.  Not only is Biden stopping deportations, but he is actually releasing illegals convicted of crimes, including child molesters, rapists, and robbers.

Biden has also jettisoned all of Trump’s policies regarding refugees which means that anyone claiming refugee status will be allowed into the country even though we know nothing about their backgrounds.   Not to mention Biden’s proposal to grant amnesty to all illegal aliens which, when combined with family unification policies, means that around 100 million people will be legalized, most of whom have no sponsor, no skills, and no education.  The impact on our welfare, criminal justice system, and education system will be in the billions of dollars.


Biden’s policies will create incentives for millions more to head north and combined with his effort to cut funds for border security, we will lose control of our border.  Between 5 and 10 million people will come to America illegally during his term in office. Crimes committed by illegal aliens upon Americans will dramatically increase.


Violent crime is spiking in every major city controlled by Democrats, surely fueled by Democrat efforts to defund the police in major cities controlled by the left.  This trend will be encouraged by Biden who has already ordered his Dept of Justice to investigate “racist” police departments while at the same time dropping all investigations of Antifa and Black Lives Matter whose riots caused  40 deaths, 1000 injuries, and destroyed 10,000 businesses.  This kind of attitude will only encourage more thuggery and violence in our large cities.


Crime will continue to increase in cities all over America, but Biden will blame “white supremacist” and “racist police” for this. Some of our cities will become uninhabitable, like Chicago.


The overarching theme of Biden’s policies is essentially make-believe conspiracies: white Supremacy, “evil” cops, global warming, etc.  Every single policy enacted or proposed so far by Biden has put normal, average Americans last, behind global elites, Islamic dictators, non-citizens, gender freaks, and race-obsessed activists.   The left is using these policies to advance socialism and to destroy what’s left of the nation our founding fathers created.

Steve Baldwin is the former Executive Director of the Council for National Policy and Young Americans for Freedom in Washington D.C. He is a former member of the California Assembly where he served as Chairman of the Education Committee and Minority Whip. He has been published in numerous publications and is the author of “From Crayons to Condoms, The Ugly Truth about America’s Public Schools.” He is a contributing editor to The Western Journal and a Senior Fellow with the Western Center for Journalism.

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