Note to Marxists & Critical Race Theorists: Beware of the Lioness of Carmel

If you haven’t yet met Tatiana Ibrahim, let me introduce her because I can guarantee you that our corrupt leftist news media will not.

Ms. Ibrahim is a mother of a high school-age daughter who finally had enough of the racist and dishonest anti-white garbage children in her town were being indoctrinated with.

So she decided to do something about it. What did she do?

She attended a meeting of her school board to protest teachers in her school district who are bringing Marxism to the classroom in Critical Race Theory.

She also objected to teachers using Marxist Black Lives Matter propaganda in the classroom that call all police evil and, therefore, need to be defunded.

For 11 minutes Tatiana Ibrahim stood at the microphone and condemned a bucket-load of other socialist/communist notions that are being rammed down the throats of Carmel’s children.

When members of the board tried to silence her, she refused to stop talking, and she even “outed” two teachers who had publicly posted CRT, BLM, and Marxist dogma they are teaching K-12 children.

Ms. Ibrahim is not alone in her outrage. Because of the year-long COVID-19 lockdowns and the resulting distance learning that children were forced to endure, parents had a unique window into the nation’s classrooms. They saw for themselves the racially divisive messages with which teachers were brainwashing their children.

As a result, more and more exasperated parents are attending school board meetings and sending open letters to schools to protest the socialist/Marxist garbage that is the core of CRT and the deceitful history contained in the 1619 Project.

I have seen a few videos of those parents addressing school boards. In some cases, those parents were shouted down by board members and even escorted out of the meeting. Some teachers who have dared speak out about the destructive Marxist curricula being taught to children have been suspended or even lost their jobs for disparaging CRT and BLM dogma.

But a few days ago, when Tatiana Ibrahim stood before the microphone, you could tell this was a woman who was not going to be silenced by anybody. She dominated the room.

She reminded me of news anchor Howard Beale in the 1976 movie “Network” (played by the late Peter Finch), who lets out all of his frustrations of the world before shouting, “I’m as mad as hell, and I’m not going to take this anymore!” and urges all viewers to open their windows and do the same. (Click the the link below to see that short clip)

I have included the entire video of Ms. Ibrahim’s impressive reproach of the Carmel school board below, but I was disappointed by the passive and silent reaction of the other parents in the room.

I would have expected shouts of “right on, Tatiana,” or “let ’em have it,” or at least some applause or cheering as she made one excellent point after another.

Instead, they just sat there. Maybe they were terrified that the school board would identify them and, by association, also their children—and add them to some clandestine blacklist for future persecution or torment.

Clearly, Tatiana Ibrahim had no such concerns. She let the school board have it.

I hope more parents follow her lead and do the same before our children are irreparably damaged by the socialist/Marxist propaganda being circulated in America’s schools.

Now, please watch Tatiana Ibrahim earn her new appellation and reputation as the “Lioness of Carmel.” You will not be disappointed!

Here’s the link. (Note: FYI, the video pauses at one point early on but resumes a second or two again later).



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