Say it Ain’t so, Joe! America’s Liar-in-Chief Paints a Detached Assessment of the Kabul Disaster

Joe Biden is a disgrace. He is feckless. He is a coward. He is a liar.

Yesterday, he went on television to talk about the disaster unfolding in Afghanistan.

But how did he begin?

He started by talking about the Democrat’s Build Back Better plan and all the “free stuff” he is going to give American voters. He talked about the climate crisis, corporate taxes, and the need for wealthy Americans to “pay their fair share.”

Where was Afghanistan?

But Biden was not finished with his attempt to shove the disaster unfolding in Kabul onto the political backburner.

He then talked about the Democrat’s unconstitutional attempt via HR-1 to appropriate America’s presidential elections from the states where they have resided since the founding of this country.

Finally, he talked about the elephant in the room—the elephant called Afghanistan.

Biden launched into a sunny and unrealistic teleprompter account of the evacuation of Americans and Afghanis from the Kabul airport that belied what Americans, Afghanis, journalists, and even some military are telling us on the ground in Afghanistan.

Panic at the Kabul Airport

This is Biden in his role of Liar-in-Chief—a role he has honed and polished for most of his 40 years as a Washington swamp creature. Biden, as those of us who have watched him for four decades, is simply allergic to the truth.

During his blinkered teleprompter-fed homily, Biden essentially legitimized the barbarous rabble of terrorists known as the Taliban by describing ongoing talks as though he were engaged with a legitimate government.

The Taliban are NOT the legitimate government of Afghanistan. The legitimate government fled almost a week ago as the Taliban swept into Kabul with no opposition from the unreliable and useless Afghan Army.

Taliban Leaders in Afghanistan’s Presidential Palace

What exists in Afghanistan today is the result of a coup d’état, not a legally elected government.

Of course, Biden didn’t mention that little fact. Nor did he address the $30 billion in American weapons, vehicles, uniforms, planes, helicopters, and sophisticated drones gifted to the Taliban by his feckless and incompetent administration and Pentagon leadership.

No, the billions spent on weapons and training for the now-defunct Afghani government are not important when you are preparing to spend at least $4 trillion on a pork-filled spending package that Nancy Pelosi is desperate to ram through the House in an effort to secure votes for the 2022 midterm election.

U.S. Military vehicles gifted to the Taliban

Who cares that those weapons will likely be used against American troops if we ever have to return to Afghanistan to deal with an Al Qaeda 2.0 or a new ISIS army of terrorists?

Biden and his cadre of incompetent generals must be beaming at the thousands of Taliban soldiers who are now wandering around Kabul wearing American military uniforms, carrying American weapons, and chowing down on American MREs.

How proud they must be at that sight.

Meanwhile, tens of thousands of Afghanis who worked with and for Americans and other coalition military remain stranded—yes STRANDED—in Afghanistan despite Jen Psaki’s weedy and pathetic repudiation to the contrary.

Will they get out? And what of several thousand Americans who are—yes STRANDED—in their homes or struggling to get to the Kabul airport?

Our faint-hearted and spineless president didn’t mention them. Instead, he painted a rosy picture of a flawless, perfectly orchestrated, and orderly evacuation ongoing in Kabul.

Of course, those on the ground in Kabul beg to differ. They are desperate to get out from under the deadly fist of the Taliban and their terrorist surrogates.

What our incompetent and cowardly president did during his spoon-fed, detached-from-reality remarks Tuesday afternoon, was callous and disgraceful.

Once again, he lied to the American people.

Then, he turned on his heel as reporters shouted questions at him, and walked dismissively out of the room leaving the hot-button issue of Afghanistan up in the air.

Say it ain’t so, Joe.







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