Test Your Knowledge of the Vietnam War

The Vietnam War ended 47 years ago on April 30, 1975. For those of us who lived through it and the turmoil it created in the United States, it still seems like yesterday. For those of you who view the war as ancient history, here’s a chance to test your knowledge.

Few wars in American history are as misunderstood and filled with misinformation and disinformation as the undeclared war in Vietnam. For example one of the enduring myths about Vietnam is that the war was fought predominantly by draftees. In fact, according to statistics kept by the US Army, and corroborated by other sources, only 25% of the troops who served in combat roles in Vietnam were drafted into military service.

Another myth is that a higher percentage of poor black soldiers fought the Vietnam War than middle class white soldiers. In fact, Pentagon figures show that of the troops who deployed to Vietnam during the years of American involvement, including the crews of the US Navy ships which served offshore in the conflict, about 50 percent came from middle-class backgrounds, were better educated than in any of America’s preceding wars (79% had a high school diploma), and were overwhelmingly white (88%). Of all the combat deaths suffered by American forces over the course of the war, 86% were white.

Take this test to see how much you know about the war that divided our country more than any other war since the Civil War in 1861-65.

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3 thoughts on “Test Your Knowledge of the Vietnam War”

  1. Only 90 percent. But I have a few quibbles:
    —If given the chance, MSgt. Chester M. Ovnand and Maj. Dale R. Buis might contest the claim about which president sent the first combat troops to VN. As US Army Special Forces soldiers assigned to MAAG, these men were KIA by the VC on July 8, 1959, at Bien Hoa. Johnson sent in the first large-unit deployment, but both Eisenhower and JFK had sent combat troops during their presidencies. JFK also sent SF troops into Laos.
    —Oliver Stone’s Purple Heart awards were not for “bravery.” The quiz article listed only one medal for bravery—the Bronze Star.

    • Thanks for the clarification re Vietnam matters. See, the war in Vietnam still elicits areas of dispute. Re, those red plastic solo cups, we drank our 3.2 beer from the can using a “church key.” There were no easy-open tops back in the Pleistocene era.

  2. Because yesterday’s posting did not allow for comments, please forgive me for using this space to ask a question about your HS escapades—Ron, are you now, or have you ever been known to be guilty of holding a red plastic Solo cup? Pleading the Fifth will be taken as an admission of your perverted delinquency.


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