The Chrysalis: Wake Up America


A concerned and worried proud American

Do you remember your grade school science class when we learned about ‘transformation’?

One day, the caterpillar stops eating, hangs upside down from a twig or leaf, and spins itself a silky cocoon or molts into a shiny chrysalis. Within its protective casing, the caterpillar ‘radically’ transforms its body, eventually emerging as a butterfly or moth.

I stress the word ‘radically’ within this narrative. As it relates to the caterpillar and the resulting chrysalis that was formed, the change was, indeed, radical; however, what emerged was something of beauty by nature…it was either a moth or, more colorfully, a very lovely fluttering butterfly. We watched in wonder, and the change was a mystery of life.

It is indeed a stunning ‘transformation,’ which still holds our wonder, and we delight at this change, this metamorphosis.

Today, there is another metamorphosis emerging. We are witnessing another attempt by nefarious, well funded, socialist-leaning, and inspired, anarchist groups who want to radically transform our country, our government, our very way of life and liberty.

Only, this attempted transformation will not yield or turn into anything of beauty and natural amazement. What it will generate is an ugly, socialistic ‘utopia’ where individual expression and achievement are not only not applauded, but not allowed to exist.

If not curtailed, and even though perpetrated by a few [relative to the population], radical, disgusting individuals, this dangerous movement can only increase and sow further destruction of property and create a further loss of life.

Regrettably, the apparent sympathy for this movement and actual condoning of this vile, destructive group and the damage wrought, by the primarily left-leaning, elected ‘democratic’ [quite an oxymoron] officials, further emboldens this movement and, by their acquiescence, quietly provides an invitation for the continuation of these destructive actions.

A no-bail policy, lack of support and removal of funding for our valiant police forces, a repudiation of our history from whence we originated and developed as a nation, the seeming disregard for our constitutional amendments that are supposed to guarantee free, protected speech, the right to carry firearms and protect oneself….all of these are the fundamentals to the foundation of our country and our beliefs.

It is so apparent that, because the results of the last presidential election was (and still is) disputed, there has been such divisiveness sown and promulgated by the current ‘democratic’ party, and the attempted, ugly transformation occurring before us has been allowed and sanctioned. It is indeed so sad and pathetic that many of our elected individuals do not have the best interests of America in their hearts…what they have is bitterness and loathing for the rule of law and our way of life.

Our country has always undergone ‘transformation’ over time; it has continually morphed as necessary. However, any changes that did occur did not call for the destruction and abolition of our fundamental core beliefs. There was never such blatant disregard for our constitution, our values, yes, our capitalistic, entrepreneurial way of life that promoted and honored achievement regardless of where one originated by birth or life circumstance.

So, are we to continue to allow this attempted ‘transformation’ to continue?

Each citizen has to decide how this country will emerge from its chrysalis. Hopefully, in the interim, actions will be taken by the current administration to restrain/curtail these heinous actions and the damage that has been imposed on several of our cities, jeopardizing the lives of millions of our citizens.

Even if we must sadly endure additional civil strife and lawlessness at the hands of these perpetrators and further sanctioned and condoned by some very weak, arrogant, ill-meaning officials and, let us not forget, the mainstream media’s failure to call out these individuals and groups, for they will not do so. We must ensure that in the November 2022 midterm elections we reject the socialists and communists in favor of those who will guarantee our American values and ideals. We must vote for those who will provide a positive ‘transformation’ and reaffirmation of American exceptionalism and liberty.


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