A Pint-sized Race-baiter at the Podium of the White House Press Briefing Room

I never covered the White House during my 27-year career with the Chicago Tribune, but I knew plenty of people who did.

“It’s like covering the cops,” one of my colleagues who did cover the White House once told me. “You don’t expect to get any real news out of those fatuous press briefings—just a lot of spin and bull shit.”

“Sounds like a good title for a book,” I responded. “Spin & Bullshit: Covering America’s House.”

If you have watched Jen Psaki do her thing from the press briefing room podium for the past 18-months or so, you know that title is perfect. The only thing you might add is the word “lies,” as in “Spin, Bullshit, and Lies.”

Psaki is leaving the podium to be a leftist pundit at MSNBC, which, by the way, stands for “Morons Spouting Nonsense By the Carload.”

Now enter Karine Jean-Pierre, 44, who conservative commentator Tucker Carlson calls: “our first black, out LGBTQ+ White House press secretary and that’s all you need to know. It’s a good thing, shut up and celebrate.

New White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre

“That’s why she got the job. She’s in the right group and to the Biden administration, which thinks exclusively in terms of groups and never in terms of individuals because individuals are messy and inconvenient, the group is all that matters. Show us your picture and we’ll tell you if you’re qualified for the job,” he added.

In Jean-Pierre’s case, Carlson is not wrong. She has no experience in journalism. She has never been a reporter, editor, or producer, and like Psaki, she believes the White House press corps is there to be manipulated, lied to, and managed.

That will be the little leftist toady’s job and she will no doubt do it well—maybe not as well as Psaki did, but she will give it her best shot. Meanwhile, from her yacking perch at MSNBC, Psaki will continue to parrot Biden administration talking points and send lots of hearts and flowers Jean-Pierre’s way.

And so will Suzanne Malveaux, a CNN national correspondent, and anchor, who just happens to be Jean-Pierre’s longtime live-in partner.

Don’t even ask about the possibility of conflict of interest with that relationship. Nothing to see here.

“This is one of many examples of the corporate media LITERALLY in bed with the government it covers,” tweeted Alex Marlow editor-in-chief of the Breitbart news outlet.

So just what are Jean-Pierre’s qualifications for this job?

Well, first off, she hates the media. No, wait. She only hates media outlets that don’t ape the leftist/socialist narrative, such as Fox News, Newsmax, One America News, the New York Post, and a far-flung spattering of others.

Jean-Pierre has called Fox news “racist,” on multiple occasions, so I expect her relationship with Fox News White House Correspondent Peter Doocy will be, shall we say, “problematic,” if not downright awkward.

Of course, Jean-Pierre is well-known for labeling anybody and any organization that she doesn’t agree with, as “racist.”

In fact, as in the 1999 film “Sixth Sense,” in which a little boy tells a psychologist that he sees dead people everywhere, Jean-Pierre sees racists everywhere.

She also hates Israel and along with Iran, probably thinks the Jewish state should be wiped off the map.

“Amidst all the celebration of Biden’s new press secretary checking multiple boxes in identity politics, the mainstream media forgot to mention that she hates Israel,” wrote former United States Ambassador to Israel David Friedman.

Why? Because, as she has said on multiple occasions, Israel is “racist.”

And by the way, so is the United States. She has said so often.

“I just think that America has a really big problem with race. And it’s very real and we have yet to deal with it,” she said in a PBS interview with Bonnie Erbé in 2019.

“I always say, if you’re not white, male, straight, or wealthy you’re under attack, I mean there is a target on your back. I think when you are a person of color when you are a black woman, you experience it every day,” she said after Erbé asked her about experiencing racial prejudice in America. “It’s as simple as walking into a store and people look at you and wonder do you belong in the store. It happens every, every day.”

America and Israel are Racist, says Jean-Pierre

God help us. You have to wonder if somebody as ultra-sensitive as that belongs in the White House speaking for the President of the United States to 330 million Americans.

Just before the 2020 presidential election, Jean-Pierre warned an audience at a book-signing event that if Donald Trump was re-elected it would be “the end of the country. This is a five-alarm right here. If we don’t elect Joe Biden, that’s it. I really do believe that’s it.”

She called Republican gubernatorial, senatorial, and congressional candidates “proud to be white supremacists, white nationalists, who support white power, and a white America. I mean this is what we were hearing from some of the candidates and they were in the Republican Party.”

So, in Jean-Pierre’s mind, half of America is comprised of racists, white supremacists, Nazis, fascists, KKK members, and baskets of irredeemable deplorables.

So get ready, you 165 million primarily white Americans. You are about to be lied to and manipulated by a powerful black, lesbian racist and race-baiter who hates and despises you not because of the content of your character, but because of the color of your skin.

Somewhere, Martin Luther King must be weeping.


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4 thoughts on “A Pint-sized Race-baiter at the Podium of the White House Press Briefing Room”

  1. The Biden group of core traitors has race and “identity” as it’s only criteria from the VP on down. The only other criteria is that they hate America. There is Black History Month, black entertainment television, a TV series “Blackish”, United Negro College Fund and countless other Black exclusive club organizations and events around the Nation. The last “white only” group was the KKK and that was a Democrat Party social club. There are no longer Democrats……they are now exclusively Demoncrats!

  2. Karine Jean-Pierre was born to Haitian parents in an overseas department of France. She could have stayed in Martinique, gone to her parental homeland of Haiti, moved to continental France, or taken up residency in her African ancestral homeland. I wish one of the inquiring minds in the WH press corps would ask her why she’s chosen to live in a racist country when she had so many “better” options. I won’t hold my breath.


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