Biden’s America is Rotting like a Dead Fish

 I saw this commentary the other day and it seemed to capture Joe Biden and his willful destruction of the democratic American republic perfectly. With an insidious dose of Marxism, Biden and his minions are doing what communists have always done: divide and conquer. They are turning Americans against one another based on race, ethnicity, religion, and political belief. In the commentary below J.B. Shurk fires a crushing broadside at Biden and the democratic/socialist party that supports him.

 Biden’s America is Rotting like a Dead Fish

By J.B. Shurk

Perhaps no head of state before Joe Biden has so completely personified the maritime proverb that the fish rots from the head down.  In both deed and physical decay, he is that putrefying rancidness wafting from where offal is tossed near the dock whose ability to trigger the gag reflexes of unsuspecting travelers seems the perfect metaphor for this nauseating moment in American history.

Not only is Joe’s walking corpse a fitting symbol for a country that has never looked more debilitated, but the reality (ignored by the State’s slavishly devoted press corps) that his cognitive acuity is plummeting so fast that terminal velocity was reached long ago drives the point home that the head of our head of state is rotting, too.

When Biden’s handlers sent him to Buffalo, New York, to exploit a mass murder by blaming conservatives, liberty-lovers, Trump Republicans, Fox News, and just about anybody to the right of Karl Marx for a crime whose perpetrator didn’t even merit the faux-president’s direct condemnation, angry, spiteful Joe Biden showed just what a miserable, acidic, revolting excuse for a human being he’s always been.

A real president would have mourned the dead, comforted the survivors, consoled the grieving, and united Americans through the common bonds of their humanity.  But Joe Biden is no real president, so he both dishonored the solemnity of the occasion and betrayed his sacred duty to elevate the nation’s welfare over the interests of his party’s political power.

With an outstretched, bony finger good for nothing now but casting blame, he tarnished the tragedy with petty partisanship, rebuffed the nation’s need for grace, befouled what should have been dignified, and withered further the civic sinews barely binding Americans together as one nation.  Biden’s moment in Buffalo was disgraceful.

I know Republicans such as Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham love to tell stories about how charming and friendly the Great Mental Void from Delaware has always been, but you can’t spew such filthy, spiteful rhetoric as Biden did in Buffalo without having a dark and rotten soul.  This is who Joe Biden has been all his wretched life.

When he wasn’t stealing other people’s words for his own use or orchestrating Justice Thomas’s “high-tech lynching,” he was running around the country telling black Americans that Republicans wanted to “put y’all back in chains,” scaring elderly Americans that Obamacare opponents wanted to destroy their Medicare, or straight-up lying about the authenticity of his son’s “laptop from hell.”

You don’t have to watch that old lecherous canker fondle children or impose on women’s personal space to know that Joe Biden has a mottled, tattered soul that would turn the stomachs of the devil’s most sulfurous henchmen.

When a man lacking the requisite character to hold great power is overwhelmed by his own moral turpitude, entire nations fall apart.  How quickly the mindless destruction of President Trump’s economic and immigration policies have thwarted an American middle-class renaissance and set the country adrift on a downward spiral.

A Marxist, corporatist, globalist hydra-headed beast has broadsided the nation.  More than any other animating principle, Biden’s administration operates under petulancy, enraged that American citizens would have a reasonable desire to “Make America Great Again.”

The fact that MAGA policies were actually having their intended salubrious effect has pushed the “America Last” cabal into the kind of apoplexy required to witlessly unleash this bizarre and defeatist national self-immolation.  Welcome to Biden’s America, where everyone is imprisoned in a nightmare republic of financial insecurity, stagflation, crime, institutional corruption, and war.  If you don’t like the cultural wasteland outside your window, you’ll fall in love with the abundance of lost opportunities.

What kind of damage do “America Last” policies inflict on the American people?  They lift up the spirits of our enemies and dampen our own.  They enrich the tyrants of Venezuela, Cuba, Iran, and China, at the expense of American small towns and their working-class residents.  They turn “peace” into a dirty word, so that endless war becomes inevitable.  They erode what’s left of the value of the American dollar while forcing more of the middle class into poverty.

They so confuse our children with Marxist propaganda that misguided youth volunteer for life-altering bodily mutilations before even reaching puberty.  They put such a low value on human life that would-be mothers twist infanticide into a virtue.  They vilify American history so that America’s past achievements are forgotten.  They blame the innocent for the wicked’s transgressions and punish the law enforcers for the lawbreakers’ crimes.  They praise the illegal immigrant while demonizing the American citizen.  They denigrate as racist those who see character before skin color and laud as “woke” anyone pathologically obsessed with race.

They “manage American decline” as if American decline were inevitable and not intentionally inflicted by its ruling class.  In all ways, Biden’s unforgivable “America Last” parade of horrors hurts Americans, damages their prospects, and seeks to provoke and embitter them until their hopes are sufficiently sunken to match the blighted souls of America’s tormentors.

And the more that Biden and his enablers succeed, the more America resembles the broken-down, stumbling, slobbering, slow-witted, vanquished, bought-and-paid-for China appeaser whose fifty years of public corruption made him the perfect shell to occupy the Executive Office of the President today.

Sometimes, it seems to me, that God looks around at the chaos His children have unleashed and decides that a more direct approach to jolting them awake is required before it’s too late.  As devastating for the country as Joe Biden’s time in office has been, he has without a doubt woken up a lot of people to the perilously declining health of the United States today.

It is as if the Almighty has held up a giant mirror near the Potomac River so that Americans confronted with Biden’s morally vacant visage can properly see just how craven, duplicitous, and vilely gangrenous Washington, D.C., has become.  For that one service, I am thankful for the rotting fish in the White House, whose unmitigated disaster of a presidency and obscene predilection for doling out needless cruelty have helped more Americans understand our sorry state of affairs than was previously possible.

If this is our final warning as a nation to stand to, correct course, and sail around the unforgiving seas ahead, then perhaps America needed the wayward, wobbly excuse for a man we have today in the Oval Office to appreciate wholly that the hour for last chances is fast approaching.  What damage to America Joe Biden has wrought!  Saving the ship before it sinks will require all hands on deck!

Thomas Edison once said, 5% of the people think, and 10% think that they think. And the remaining 85% would rather die than think!

The Democrats have spent the last 109 years doing all they could to cultivate the bottom of that 85%!!!

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  1. I wish more would listen to folks like Shurk. Sadly Edison was right and the 85% are just going to stand around and let that old bastard continue his program of destruction.

    • I fear you are right, John. How people (Dems especially) can be so apathetic about what Biden is doing to our country regarding inflation, the border, gas prices, infant formula, etc. is beyond me. I just my Dem friends, if you vote for these socialists again in November, then you deserve what you get!

  2. There are no more Democrats, only Demoncrats. Adding that single letter defines them recisely. Biden and all of his “supporters” are guilty of treason!


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