I received this commentary from an angry individual who wants to remain anonymous. Whoever this person is he (or she) doesn’t pull any punches. I can’t vouch for all of the specifics in the commentary, but I certainly agree with the sentiments this individual expresses.


By Anonymous

Joe Biden took to his green-screened White House podium and called for drastic gun control to be passed by Congress. Earlier Biden claimed the second amendment was “not absolute.” Both the constitution and the second amendment ARE absolute, while the Biden regime is not.

The United States of America has had the Second Amendment for 243 years. We are not about to let some demented puppet and his communist handlers remove it. Any attempt to destroy the Second Amendment is unconstitutional and would be challenged in court. They would not even get that far. If for some reason the court did not challenge it, millions of enraged gun owners would.

The midterms are quickly approaching and the socialist Democrats know they are running out of time to disarm American citizens via extreme gun control. We should not call it “gun control.” We need to call it what it is, the disarming of citizens. This is nothing new. Tyrannical governments have seized citizens’ guns before, and it never works out well for the people.

Mass murderers throughout history have relied on “gun control” and weapons seizure from so-called “enemies of  the state.” It’s not that they hate guns—they simply want all of them in the hands of the state. If one thinks about it in those terms, Biden’s classification of Republicans, conservatives, and ordinary Americans who oppose him and his socialist cronies as ”domestic terrorists” makes more sense.

Stalin killed between 50 and 60 million people in the old Soviet Union and starved millions more in 1930s Ukraine. You can be sure Ukrainians did not have weapons to defend themselves when Stalin’s armed operatives showed up at their farms to remove every last morsel of food.

How was Hitler able to gain control of Germany? The first thing he did upon gaining power was to confiscate all guns. Are you listening, Justin Trudeau?

China’s Chairman Mao once said, “Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun,” and he was the one holding the gun—not the Chinese peasants.

Fidel Castro, apparently Justin Trudeau’s mentor, knew all about gun control. When he assumed power in 1959 Castro flexed his communist totalitarian muscles by asking why the people of Cuba even needed guns:

“Guns, for what? To fight against whom? Against the Revolutionary government that has the support of the people?”

The next day gun confiscation went into effect.

Fidel Castro: “The People don’t need guns.”

Castro said the same thing about voting. “Voting? What for? There is no need to vote now that the revolutionary government is in control.” 

Millions of oppressed Cubans beg to differ, Comrade Castro.

Now, “Castrudeau” has introduced legislation to ban the sale of all handguns in Canada. Do you think he will stop with handguns? I highly doubt it. Does Canada need a Second Amendment? Would such an amendment even stop Trudeau? I doubt it.

Why are Biden and Trudeau rushing to take guns from citizens? They’re doing it because they both know the globalists are running out of time. The World Economic Forum demands the Great Reset and they are tired of waiting around for you to die and get off THEIR planet. At the very least, they want us eating bugs and living in pods with zero privacy. They are rushing their plans and in doing so they are revealing what they really intend to do.

Disarming Americans is critical to their strategy of creating a “one-world government.” These globalists envision an international regime without national borders that is subservient to a powerful clique of elites. Just read George Orwell’s “1984” and you will have an idea of what these despotic tyrants are after.

Our Founding Fathers knew we might face a corrupt and tyrannical government in the future. That’s why they made sure we had the Second Amendment. It’s not just about hunting. Its main purpose is to allow us to defend ourselves from despots and autocrats such as those who currently inhabit the White House and control Congress.

Any congressional swamp creature who votes for gun confiscation and the elimination of the Second Amendment should be considered a traitor and an enemy of We The People.

‘Nuf said!



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