Post-Racial Independence Day

The following commentary is from one of my co-contributors to the American Free News Network–a website that does not censor, edit, or discourage opinions from anybody. What a concept in today’s heavily censored social media universe. The author makes so much sense that even the most fanatical America-hating socialist would struggle to refute its conclusions. Please read on.

Post-Racial Independence Day


James Atticus Bowden

This 4th of July, let’s declare “Post-Racial Independence Day.” As the Left – (my shorthand is: Commies) – pushes “Anti-Racism”, let’s cheer how most Americans are over Racism. Truly done with it. As Christians abhor it. Sincerely acknowledge the past sins of slavery and segregation. See racism as sinful today, while pointing to its limited presence in America.

Racism is just political power for the Democrats as long as they can keep Blacks and other minorities on the Massa Government plantation.

Racism is essential for the Democrat media, arts, and entertainment narrative. It’s de rigueur for the Woke elites in the government, military, business, sissy church, and education institutions. These institutions which guide the culture to shape our ever-changing American Civilization had plenty of biases in the past. Not so now. Contrary to the Anti-Racism claim, racism isn’t institutionalized in America. It’s anathema.

Truly, there are still racists. They come in every color, age, ethnicity, and both genders as prejudices that aren’t tolerated in polite company or the public square.

The only socially acceptable racism is the government-sanctioned Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity – (how appropriate is its acronym: DIE) – with the quotas, set-asides, preferences, and business practices of professional race pimps.

But that racism is simply silly nowadays. Since everything is supposed to be racist the word has lost its clout. Racism was claimed even at the outbreak of a pandemic. A pandemic, by definition, affects everyone.

Within a month of the Wuhan Virus wreaking havoc on Americans, there were breathless reports that Blacks suffered worst of all. Bovine Scatology. Since everyone agrees that race is a social construct, how did the Virus manufactured in China know how that worked? How did the virus know when people were Black? Why would the disease bear special animus to Black Americans? That wasn’t the case in early 2020 when all Americans suffered alike in the absence of therapeutics.

Karem interjects, “But (sputtering) but, but… the statistics were showing…”

The statistics show the appalling ignorance of Americans about quantitative analysis. In Statistics 101 every student learns two things that can be compared positively or negatively. In other words, the phases of the moon can be correlated to anything. But, correlation doesn’t mean causation. So, comparing apples to oranges is meaningless.

When hucksters show comparisons between Black and White Americans on anything, they illustrate nothing. Thomas Sowell’s book “Discrimination and Disparities” offers a detailed show and tell why.

Solely using “Black” or “White”, or adding other minority groups, masks the real independent variable, the real cause, of disparities.

For example, if more Blacks die than Whites do from “the Covid”, it doesn’t mean there is institutional racism in the virus or in healthcare. If you use many variables to include key co-morbidities, like diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, and asthma, the real culprit comes out.

If diabetes, obesity, and other co-morbidities are more common among Blacks, then Blacks will die at a higher rate than Whites. Those conditions aren’t racist either. Pretending that racism makes Blacks live a life that increases those co-morbidities is a ridiculous reach. Behaviors – like what foods we eat – are cultural, but not quid pro quo reactive to past racial prejudices.

Consequently, every claim of institutional racial prejudice is false. The scary racism isn’t observable, measurable, and repetitive to be provable.

The one-third of America that’s indoctrinated, deliberately stupid, or obnoxiously Marxist enough to believe there are more than two genders say “Racist” more than the little boy who cried “wolf.” In old Salem, Massachusetts they’d be shouting “witch.” In every Human Secular Totalitarianism since the French Revolution, they’d be pointing to the particular enemy of the people de jour. They’ll kill from the nobility, priest, and bourgeois to kulak to gypsy and Jew to Four Olds to counter-revolutionary.

Racist is the best bogeyman the Democrats can dream up.

America should become a Post-Racial society where almost any mention of racism is severely mocked and the current legal bias for the perpetual victimhood of “protected classes of persons” ends. If the rhetoric and reality of discrimination continue, then the White bogeyman may become real.

Some form of White Identity, which could lead to White Supremacy, is the inevitable backlash against an institutionalized white-as-the-problem narrative. If racially-based discrimination against Whites persists when Whites become an actual minority there will be true grievances. From hiring and promotions to teaching insipid and invidious CRT, the tribalism of Anti-racism will create a problem that doesn’t exist now.

Racial integration and a color-blind society are better, despite the Commie claims that they’re impossible. The Christian, moral ideas expressed by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. for racial integration remain morally ascendant.

Time to declare our independence from racism. Happy Post-Racial America!

About James Atticus Bowden:

James Atticus Bowden

James Atticus Bowden is a co-founder of the Virginia First Foundation. He is a retired U.S. Army Officer and Defense Consultant. His home of record upon entering the United States Military Academy was Arlington, Virginia. He graduated in 1972. Bowden served as an airborne, ranger infantry officer in 5 Divisions. He earned graduate degrees from the JFK School of Government at Harvard University and the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences at Columbia University. He taught as an Assistant Professor at USMA and as Adjunct Faculty at the College of William and Mary.

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