The Lawless Party

The following commentary is from one of my fellow contributors to the American Free News Network who writes under the nom de plume “EagleHasLanded.” In it, he (or she) takes Joe Biden and the ruling Democrat Party to task for not only refusing to enforce our nation’s laws but for breaking many of them. 

The Lawless Party



When those entrusted by the people with enforcing and writing the law, break the law, chaos ensues.  Do you feel like our once great country is spinning uncontrollably out of whack?  You’re not alone.  Do you see the chaos all around that wasn’t there four years ago?  You’re not alone.  Do you long for a return to normalcy, where right is right and wrong is wrong?  Most of the country is with you.

So why is it that we have descended so far so fast?  Who is creating this chaos and lawlessness and why?

One reason is that the supposed leader of the nation leads a criminal family enterprise.  The ongoing chaos everywhere tends to keep the focus off him, his family, and their nefarious dealings.  When you’re distracted by mass shootings, mass drug overdoses, mass border invasions, mass inflation, etc., you naturally lose focus on the specifics due to the general.  How many crises can you be expected to keep track of?  You have to live your life.  You have to work, care for your family, and plan for your future.  You have to function.  You can’t be bothered with everything the “man behind the curtain” does.  You have to make the country run.

You must ask yourself; how can the leader of the free world do everything he’s supposed to while working only four days a week?  The most important position in the world and this octogenarian accomplishes his tasks in four days with room to spare?  Most days he’s not even in the office before 10 a.m.  Many days he has exactly Zero items on his calendar.  Other days he calls an early lid.  Don’t we all?  His weekends are three-day events spent at his beach house.  Where does he fit it all in?  Who knew you could run the free world only four days a week?  No wonder the left is pushing four-day work weeks.

When he’s away from the spotlight, which is most of the day, President Brandon and his minions must be very busy making deals with our enemies.  It was revealed this week that President Clueless sent our strategic petroleum reserves (SPR) to China and other countries.  The Chinese-owned gas company receiving these reserves has business ties to Hunter Biden.  Surprise, surprise!  In the middle of the gas crisis he created, he sends our oil to our number one enemy, China.  Why?  Did he think this news would not get out thanks to his pals in the Democrat media?  Why would he stab the country in the back like this?  Doesn’t he talk to his son about his overseas business dealings?  Of course, he does.  Doesn’t he know that the SPR is intended exclusively for the use of Americans during national emergencies?  Of course, he does.  This is an impeachable offense, but he doesn’t care.  He’s above the law.  Laws are for us peons.

The Biden Crime Family’s “Godfather”

For the first time in our history, we had over 108,000 drug overdose deaths last year.  The major reason?  Fentanyl, illegal fentanyl manufactured in China and smuggled into the U.S. through Mexico.  Fentanyl is 100 times more potent than morphine.  A tiny amount can kill thousands, and it is.  You can die from just breathing its fumes.  Have you heard the father of the crack addict Hunter Biden, the Bumbler in Chief, say one word about this drug crisis?  Of course not.  With a well-known drug addict in the family, you would think this topic is important enough to address the nation.  But that would put the spotlight on him, his business buddies in China, and his open southern border policy.  All taboo topics at the White House.  The criminal enterprise being run out of our White House is endangering the entire nation.  Our national security is at risk.

The video below is of Philadelphia, our original national capital, being destroyed by Brandon’s drug, crime, and border policies.  There are fentanyl zombies just like these wandering LA, SF, NYC, Baltimore, Detroit, Seattle, and Portland. All cities run by the criminal enterprise that is the Democrat party.  World War Z is here and now.

Regarding mass shootings, the fill-in President can only bring himself to speak of the guns, not the perps.  The numerous “sensible gun control” laws already on the books are not working.  They never do.  They’re aimed at law-abiding citizens.  Spoiler alert: law-abiding citizens aren’t the problem.

Another fill-in, the governor of New York, Kathy ‘Kook’ Hochul, who doesn’t let facts and numbers get in her way (math is hard), signed an unconstitutional gun law into the books.  This big thumb-in-your-eye legislation was aimed not only at law-abiding New Yorkers but especially at Justice Clarence Thomas who only weeks ago authored the opinion overturning the unconstitutional Sullivan Act, which barred carry permits to honest New Yorkers.  Dem kooks like Kathy love to coddle criminals and punish law-abiding, overtaxed citizens.

A case in point is the self-defense killing in NYC at a small bodega (Hispanic deli).  On July 1, Jose Alba was accosted by a knife-wielding woman and her criminal thug boyfriend.  The long-time employee defended himself, killing a slug named Austin Simon, saving the taxpayers and the criminal justice system much money for future apprehensions and confinements of this career criminal.

What did the George Soros Dem DA (defense attorney), Alvin Bragg do?  He promptly arrested the victim, Alba, and locked him up for murder placing a $250,000 bail on him in the process.  Bragg is infamous for releasing other criminal mutants with little or no bail.  Thankfully, Alba was released from the dungeon of Riker’s Island jail when a judge reduced his bail to $50,000.  The case is a cut-and-dry self-defense episode, as the video below plainly shows.

Even the feckless mayor of NYC, Eric Adams, realized that Bragg was way off charging Alba with murder.  Since Alba used a knife to dispatch his attacker, Adams couldn’t go after guns, his number one target.  Damn it!  Due to all the political backlash, NYC politicians are now demanding Bragg drop all charges against Alba.  The faux governor, Hochul, could ask for Bragg’s resignation, but of course, not a peep from her.

The fraudulent governor is taking her cues from the fraudulent President who is openly declaring hostilities against the “out of control” highest court in the land.  The Perp-in-Chief is angry that SCOTUS declared the obvious fact that the Constitution doesn’t address a mother-to-be having a right to kill her unborn baby.  That doesn’t sit well with the Godless, lawless party.  With the blessings of the leader of its party, the Democrats have declared war on the conservative Justices of the Supreme Court.  What could possibly go wrong?

The Democrats refuse to admit they have a crime problem.  The first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem.  The libs tell us solving crime is complicated.  Landing safely on the sun is complicated.  Solving crime is not.  Don’t defund the police.  Enforce the laws.  That’s what lawful societies do.

The Democrat Party, from the top to the bottom, is pro-criminal.  They say the fish rots from the head.  The stench of spoiled seafood is emanating from the Oval Office.  Forget their words.  Their actions demonstrate what they are all about.  Why is one major political party so bent on destroying the fabric of society?  It doesn’t really matter.  Their defeat, total utter defeat, and repudiation are what matter.  That party’s demise can’t come soon enough.  We must return to a lawful society.

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5 thoughts on “The Lawless Party”

  1. Accurate but too polite. Biden is openly a traitor. Impeachment is too kind for what he has done, and continues to do, in his drive to destroy our Nation. Our supposed representatives at every level allow this to happen and NONE OF THEM are worth spit in my book. Their Oath of Office has zero meaning to ANY OF THEM! Democrats have morphed into Demoncrats and Republicans are spineless. As Walter Brennan frequently said in the old western TV series The Guns of Will Sonnet….”no brag, just fact”!

  2. If shopkeepers such as Jose Alba were suspected to have firearms easily accessible on premises, scum such as Austin Simon would think twice about trying to strong-arm them. If that were the case, Austin Simon would likely be alive today. NY anti-gun laws led to his death. But this is precisely the type of small-picture news that allows the media to ignore the big-picture disasters.


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