An Alarming Prediction

Today I am posting a commentary from political writer Gary Reece. His predictions are disquieting, but I fear he may be on target with them-especially because stumbling, bumbling, mumbling Joe Biden continues to attack and label some 75 million American voters—half of the nation’s electorate—”fascists” and domestic terrorists.

An alarming prediction

By Gary Reece

Political Writer

Donald Trump will be indicted, probably right after Labor Day. That the Democrat Industrial Complex has no case against him is beside the point.

A jury of exclusively Washington Democrats could easily convict him anyway. They do this kind of thing all the time. It’s a company town.

Even if they don’t convict, it won’t really matter. Forcing Trump to defend himself while running for president will hopelessly tie him down. Especially with all the usual corrupt suspects using the indictment to tear into him day and night from all and every direction, like a school of piranhas.

They smell blood and know that it’s now or never to destroy the only thing standing between themselves and perpetual one-party ownership of you and me, of America, and limitless, unchecked power, status, and money for themselves.

Also, my understanding is that being under indictment is in and of itself a disqualification in multiple states for being on the presidential ballot. Checkmate for the black chess pieces.

Doesn’t this army of wicked evildoers realize that sooner or later — probably sooner — the obviously corrupt and revolutionary act of indicting Trump for blatantly political reasons is going to guarantee that all hell will break loose in America?

One would think so, although the White House, the  Democrats, the media, and the woke looney tunes — the lot of them — have been doing so many irrational things lately that who knows?

But I figure they do know. To paraphrase comedian Dennis Leary, they also know that “they’ve got the f*cking bombs.”

Tyrants across the world since the dawn of civilization have kept their populations under control by using the police powers under their command — the military, tax and revenue bureaucrats, and federal police, both visible and secret. The only reason it’s never happened here is our rulers’ lack of willingness to use it. Now they’re ready to and will.

They also likely know that eventually, this will trigger extensive civil disobedience and violence from the Trump base. It may be a stretch to say this is what our rulers want. It’s enough to say they fully expect it and are ready for it.

This is their “Trump” card, their trap. And again, it’s been in the tyrants’ playbook for many centuries: Bait your enemies into lashing out in the streets, then use it as a pretext to “justifiably” come down on them and neuter them politically employing state-sponsored violence.

They did this by baiting, enabling, and virtually inviting election protesters into the Capitol on Jan. 6. The Trump indictment will make Jan. 6 look like a playground argument among third-grade girls.

Florida Gov. Ron Desantis will very likely be the Republican nominee for president. God help him because the Washington criminal cartel will train their guns on him before Trump’s political corpse has had time to cool.

This is where my specific predictions end. The details of our country’s demise or destruction after the above happens could take many forms, probably overlapping and acting in tragic combination. For just one example, does anyone think foreign enemies won’t exploit the situation?

Hope is slim: It rests in the hands of good and decent people who so far have been successfully used as political pawns by the same people they’ve trusted.

I’m talking about the Democratic rank-and-file, the voting base. The ones who still somehow believe the Democratic Party leadership are the good guys, the caring ones, the ones protecting the little guys and gals from those heartless, bigoted, fat-cat Republicans.

In their state of emotional sanctimony and self-righteousness, they are tragically blind to the fact that the Democratic Party they used to know is long gone. The majority of essentially good and decent Democratic voters are being used by corrupt tyrants who gleefully take advantage of their naive trust. They’ve been had.

Many will realize it, but too late. Others will never catch on or admit that they’ve caught on. It’s called pride, and as the Bible says, it goeth before a fall.

They are too emotionally invested in their view of things. They’ve been brainwashed into believing that anything is worth destroying Donald Trump. They are even destroying their own lives and their own country.

But we can hope. We can pray.

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