HEIL BIDEN! Joe Does His Best Adolph Hitler Send-up

In all of my years as an American citizen, I had never witnessed an American president condemn half of the electorate as insurrectionists, fascists, and domestic terrorists.

Then came Joe Biden’s political harangue last week.

Paint a little black mustache on Biden’s face, employ wild hand gestures, and shout like Adolph Hitler, and we are back in the 1930s when dictators condemned their opponents as criminals, miscreants, and enemies of the state.

What’s next? Concentration camps for the 74 million voters who voted for Donald Trump in 2020? Gas chambers for Make America Great Again Republicans?

We are already seeing Biden’s weaponization of the FBI so that it more resembles Nazi Germany’s Geheime Staatspolizei (Gestapo) than the once highly regarded crime-fighting organization of past decades.

Instead of tracking down real criminals, it targets parents who protest their children’s indoctrination at school board meetings.

Then it goes after Biden’s political rivals. That’s exactly what Hitler did in Germany in the 1930s.

On January 6, 2021, dozens of Donald Trump supporters who made the mistake of entering the U.S. Capitol were arrested, held incommunicado for months, and stripped of their civil rights. Many remain incarcerated to this day without the right to due process.

In Nazi Germany, thousands of Hitler’s political opponents simply vanished. Sound familiar?

What’s next? Ovens for those who oppose the Democrat Reich?

Judging from the venomousness of Biden’s tirade last week, I wouldn’t be surprised.

For Biden and his Democrat comrades-in-arms, it is all about maintaining their hold on political power at all costs and their internecine scheme to transform America from a capitalist republic into a socialist snake pit ruled by people who resemble a classic communist elite.

To do that, they must ferret out all political enemies—including Supreme Court Justices who don’t bend to the socialist ideology. Democrat leaders in Congress encourage loud and bellicose demonstrations in front of justice’s homes and accost them and their families at restaurants. Their irrational leftist minions even threaten to assassinate them.

As if that’s not enough, the Biden Reich orders its Gestapo to confiscate the cellphones of elected House members and unleash SWAT teams to drag Trump supporters and allies out of their homes at night.

But they didn’t stop there. Biden’s Gestapo undertook the unparalleled step of raiding an ex-president’s house—something that has never happened in our almost 250-year history.

And they have done all of this with the enthusiastic collaboration of the news media, which behaves more like Biden’s lap dog rather than the watchdog of government it once prided itself on being.

Just as in Hitler’s Germany, Joseph Stalin’s Soviet Union, Kim Jong-un’s North Korea, and Xi Jinping’s China, journalism’s role is to support the regime in power—not to hold it accountable for its breaches of civil rights and other unlawful activities.

And why not? Fully 90 percent of all American journalists are members of the ruling Democrat party or adhere to its leftist/socialist dogma. In Hitler’s Germany, only newspapers and radio stations that embraced Nazi policies were allowed to publish and broadcast. Journalists who opposed Hitler’s policies were fired and worse.

Now that Biden has created a  de facto “Ministry of Truth,” otherwise known as the Disinformation Governance Board in the Department of Homeland Security, is it only a matter of time before those who disseminate unapproved information are censored and possibly shut down?

I hope not.

Then, there is the Democrat Party’s plot to transform America’s voting laws and procedures that would allow illegal migrants to vote, end the Electoral College, and stop all efforts to certify mail-in ballots against voter registration lists. To that end, Democrats have declared that requiring legitimate voter identification is racist and must be banned nationwide.

As Joseph Stalin once allegedly said: “Those who vote decide nothing. Those who count the vote decide everything.”

Millions of Americans saw that rather bleak assessment in action during the 2020 presidential election.

About the only thing that Joe Biden is doing that differs from most historical despots and dictators is the control of the nation’s borders. Hitler, Stalin, and Mao Zedong all understood that keeping a closed border was critical to maintaining control of your country.

Apparently, Biden has chosen to ignore that lesson. Instead, his plan is to create chaos on our southern border by keeping it wide open. His warped idea is to obliterate immigration laws and accuse anyone who wants those laws enforced of being racist and xenophobic.

Why would he do this? The answer is quite simple. The almost three million migrants who have entered the United States illegally since Biden’s inauguration were invited into the country by Biden himself, and they will repay Democrats by voting (albeit illegally) for (who else?) Democrats.

Who cares if the number of illegal migrants reaches millions?

Joe Biden only cares about hunting down and eradicating the millions of Americans who oppose him and his destructive policies.

Heil Biden, America’s Führer!

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5 thoughts on “HEIL BIDEN! Joe Does His Best Adolph Hitler Send-up”

  1. Two points:
    1 – Re “… only a matter of time before those who disseminate unapproved information are censored and possibly shut down?” — This has already happened. Zuckerberg stated that the FBI sent agents to “ask” Facebook to censor politically-sensitive information before the 2020 election. This is a violation of the First Amendment via proxy by intimidating private companies to do the dirty work.
    2 – Illegals do not have to vote to impact the electoral outcomes because congressional representation, and thus the electoral college, are determined by total population residency within a state, not by numbers of legal citizens living in a state. This means that “sanctuary” jurisdictions can inflate their population count and the weight of their impact in congress and in the electoral college.

    • Both are excellent points, J.C. Re voting: I guess I was assuming the Dems would get rid of the electoral college some they could depend on the popular vote, which would almost guarantee a one-party monopoly.

      • Yes, I agree; however, it’s not merely the vote of illegals they want, it’s the congressional increased representation, which is based on the total population rather than the count of legal citizens. That extra representation could help lead to the elimination of the electoral college.


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