A record 1.8 million Immigrants are living in the U.S. since the Biden mob took power

Congratulations, Joe Biden. New Census Bureau numbers show that a record 1.8 million illegal immigrants are living in the United States since you gained access to the White House.

What does that mean? Well, it means we are seeing a surge in the ratio of foreign-born to native-born residents, reports the Center for Immigration Studies.

With almost two million new people in our country illegally, 47.9 million immigrants—legal and illegal—live in the United States. That represents 14.6 percent of America’s total population, which is larger than the population of black Americans.

That means about 2.9 million more immigrants now live in the U.S. than did in January 2021, when Joe Biden was sworn in. Among those are the 1.8 million immigrants who entered our nation illegally with the tacit approval of the White House.

That’s a population larger than the size of 12 states, including West Virginia, Hawaii, New Hampshire, and Maine.

“The new data reflects the ongoing crisis at the border created by Biden administration policies that are encouraging so many illegal immigrants to come into the country,” said Steven A. Camarota, the lead researcher on the new study, which relies on numbers from the Census Bureau’s monthly Current Population Survey.

The numbers reflect exactly what is happening on America’s wide-open southern border—chaos, unimpeded border crossings, human smuggling, and thousands of deaths.

Once again, thank you, Joe Biden. You and your cadre of socialist Democrats have achieved exactly what you set out to achieve—a plan to import poor, mostly uneducated, desperate migrants to shore up the loss of middle-class voters who are leaving the Democrat Party in droves.

Homeland Security’s data show that more than 4 million illegal immigrants have been encountered at the border since Joe Biden took office. The department insists the border isn’t open and claims many of those encountered have been sent home.

We all know that’s a bald-faced lie.

The new numbers reveal the truth. Hundreds of thousands have sneaked in without being detected, and even more, have jumped the border and were allowed to stay.

Camarota says the 1.8 million new illegal immigrants represent a net increase. Given the usual pace of deaths, returns home, and gaining legal status, the actual gross number of new illegal arrivals is well over 2 million.

Why? Because the current surge is the first time so many have been caught but released under the Biden regime’s own policies.

“We never had a situation where possibly a majority of people encountered at the border are released into the United States as a matter of policy,” Camarota said. “That’s a complete break from the past.”

Immigrant-rights activists accuse those who complain about the border chaos of embracing dangerous rhetoric of “invasion” or theories about attempts to “replace” Americans with newcomers.

They argue that the country needs foreign migrants to augment the U.S. economy and cite “missing” workers who didn’t come during the pandemic.

But once again, the numbers tell a different story.

In September 2019, before the pandemic, there were 27.4 million foreigners in the workforce. That dipped to 24.4 million at the depths of the pandemic but has since rebounded to 29.4 million as of last month. That’s an increase of 2 million more than pre-pandemic levels and 5 million over the pandemic low point.

“We’re certainly not missing any immigrant workers,” Camarota said. “Actually, the near-record ratio of immigrants in the U.S. raises questions about the country’s ability to assimilate them.”

But as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said recently: “Farmers and growers need these migrants to pick crops.”

Who cares if they assimilate or not? Who cares if thousands can’t read or write? Who cares if some of the migrants are criminals? Who cares if women and children are abused, raped, and forced by the cartels into a life of prostitution?

Certainly NOT Joe Biden and his gang.

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