Gallup: Americans gloomy about 2023! Are you surprised?

Today I am reprinting a Gallup poll that shows most Americans have a pessimistic and gloomy outlook about 2023.

Why am I not surprised by that?

What is there to be optimistic about?

Inflation continues unabated; our border is a sieve, with millions of people flooding into our country illegally every year while our president behaves like Emperor Nero; violent crime and theft are rampant nationwide; and American power worldwide continues to decline while China’s influence in places like South America, the Middle East, and Africa increases.

Gallup reported that about 8 in 10 Americans foresee tax increases, economic difficulty, and a growing federal deficit in 2023. And 90% say they are bracing for “a year of political conflict.”

“Americans are greeting 2023 with great skepticism and little expectation that the economic struggles that closed out 2022 will abate,” Gallup said.

More than 6 in 10 adults responding to the survey said consumer prices will rise at a “high rate,” and the stock market will fall in the new year, continuing trends from last year. And more than half said that unemployment will increase again after a year of decline.

In other domestic issues, 72% said the crime rate will rise, and 56% said there will be “many strikes by labor unions,” Gallup said.

Regarding world affairs, 85% of U.S. adults predict the year ahead will be fraught with international discord rather than peaceful. And while 64% think the United States power in the world will decline, 73% think China’s power will increase. However, 64% of Americans expect Russia’s power in the world will decrease in 2023, likely a reflection of that country’s recent setbacks in its war against Ukraine.

These findings are from a Dec. 5-19 nationally representative web survey of U.S. adults who are members of Gallup’s probability-based panel.

Gallup has repeatedly asked Americans for their predictions for the coming year over the years, starting in 1960. The prior surveys were conducted by in-person or telephone interviews, and the results are not directly comparable to the current data collected by self-administered web survey.

However, historical data have generally shown that Americans’ forecasts for the coming year are largely dependent on their views of the domestic and international climates at the time. Likewise, recent Gallup polling underscores the public’s gloomy outlook in their 2023 predictions on domestic issues.

Party identification is the greatest demographic differentiator in predictions for 2023, with Democrats more likely than Republicans to offer positive predictions for all of the dimensions. This is a typical phenomenon whereby Americas who identify with the sitting president’s party are more positive in general in their outlook for the year ahead.

Majorities of Democrats foresee five positive developments in 2023. These include full or increasing employment (69%), a reasonable rise in prices (53%), a rising stock market (53%), an increase in U.S. power (56%), and a decrease in Russian power (79%). Democrats are least likely to predict political cooperation (13%) and a peaceful year mostly free of international disputes (21%).

Meanwhile, 61% of independents and 47% of Republicans expect Russian power in the world will decrease. Aside from the 36% of Republicans who expect few labor union strikes in the year ahead, no more than 23% of Republicans expect a positive outcome for any of the other 11 dimensions.

Bottom Line

Americans are greeting 2023 with great skepticism and little expectation that the economic struggles that closed out 2022 will abate. Few U.S. adults also predict the partisan politics that plague the nation will improve, which is not an unreasonable expectation given that there will be a divided government in 2023 after Republicans won control of the U.S. House of Representatives.

The public’s predictions for international affairs are similarly pessimistic. However, with their party controlling the White House, Democrats are more hopeful about the year ahead.

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