Join me for a Vietnam Retrospective

Tomorrow, April 29, I will be posting my recollections of the Fall of Saigon- an event I covered for the Chicago Tribune 48 years ago. I invite you to join me for this retrospective at ForeignCorrespondent or on Substack:

As many of you may know, the war in Vietnam came to an ignominious end during a 24-hour period between April 29 and April 30, 1975, when thousands of Americans and Vietnamese scrambled frantically aboard American helicopters as Communist North Vietnamese troops overran the city.

Two years ago, millions of Americans witnessed another ignominious and frenzied exodus from a place called Afghanistan. That disorganized and disgraceful event brought America’s futile crusade in Vietnam rushing back into my consciousness. I suspect it did the same for hundreds of thousands of Vietnam veterans.

The fall of Saigon was a chaotic day I will never forget and one that no American should either. It left an indelible stain on our national honor.

Please join me.

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