“The Cojones Awards:” Honoring those who Counterattack Cancel-Culture

Our country is so woke that we now need a new award to honor people who stand up to the PC mob and the corrosive cancel-culture lunacy they have spawned.

The unlikely creator of the “Cojones Awards” is normally liberal Bill Maher, the “Real Time” host who appears to be inching nearer and nearer to the middle of the political spectrum these days. Or if not that, then at least away from the leftist nut jobs and in the direction of folks with common sense.

Good for him.

Maher exposed the Cojones Awards—a golden statuette of dangling brass testicles—during his closing monologue last Friday evening, auguring it’ll be better than the Oscars and Emmys because it’s dedicated to people brave enough to stand up against the woke mob and their cherished cancel culture.

Maher promised to present the Cojones Awards each year moving forward for “outstanding achievement in growing a pair.”

“We present these solid brass balls to the individuals and organizations who others have tried to silence but who answered, ‘That’s not a rule. F..k you,’” Maher said.

The first four honorees of the “solid brass balls” were actor Ben Stiller, Netflix CEO Ted Sarandos, Trader Joe’s, and Cornell University, Maher’s Alma Mater.

“And the lesson is if you stand up to the mob for just a day or two, their shallow, impatient, immature smartphone-driven gerbil minds will forget about it and go on to the next nothing-burger, and you, you still will have your cojones,” Maher concluded as he presented the final award.

I won’t go into why each of the four honorees received the brass ball statuettes. You can see that for yourself by clicking on the link below. There you can watch Maher present the four Cojones Awards along with short backstories for each recipient.

Enjoy! It’s about time SOMEBODY had the cojones to do something like this.


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2 thoughts on ““The Cojones Awards:” Honoring those who Counterattack Cancel-Culture”

  1. Hard to imagine he created this award, but glad somebody finally did! Should be a category for “Congressional” too….but the winner would normally be an actual female since several of them have more cajones than any of the males in Congress!


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