Here’s an Idea: Let’s Arrest Store Owners, NOT the Shoplifters

Here’s an idea: let’s arrest store owners, NOT the shoplifters. That’s exactly what California wants to do via some newly proposed legislation.

Will the insanity never stop? Apparently not.

California lawmakers (read “ruling Democrats”) are sponsoring a new state law that seeks to prohibit the “direct confrontation or detention” of shoplifters by store owners and employees.

Never mind that California is experiencing such a significant surge in shoplifting crime that many retailers are closing their stores entirely or putting their goods under lock and key behind thick translucent plastic casements, which makes everyday shopping more like visiting priceless paintings in The Louvre than visiting your local Target or Walmart.

Merchandise locked behind thick plastic casements

Not only does State Senate Bill 553 turn crime victims into criminals, but it incentivizes more crime by letting shoplifters off the hook!

If the misguided bill becomes law, watch out! If you own or work in a business and if you detain or stop looters or shoplifters from stealing, you will be charged with a crime yourself!

Senate Bill 553, proposed by State Democratic Senator Dave Cortese, seeks to prohibit the direct confrontation of shoplifters by store owners and employees.

Shoplifters on parade


Because Cortese is concerned about recent incidents that have led to shoplifters and looters getting hurt or killed. Tsk, tsk.

Cortese suggests instead that Californians rely on the police to handle smash-and-grab crime, looting, and robbery.

Of course, with police forces state-wide severely depleted because of California’s sanctuary state status and its defund the police policies, I wouldn’t hold my breath that a cop will show up at your shop or place of business in time to apprehend the looter or shoplifter.

The bill’s Democrat supporters say, if passed, it will prevent workplace violence. Those opposed argue that the bill prioritizes criminals over the safety of law-abiding citizens.

Of course, in California, nobody is lower on the political and social totem than “law-abiding citizens.”

They are the suckers who pay exorbitant taxes and who do not steal from stores. Who cares about them? Certainly not the idiots in Sacramento who are proposing this stupid piece of legislation.

Reform California, a grassroots organization that advocates for transparency and accountability reforms in state and local government while mounting campaigns to defeat unfair and unnecessary tax hikes, strongly opposes the bill.

Carl DeMaio, chairman of Reform California, insists SB 553 is “the latest in a line of attacks on public safety and is yet another example of California’s notoriously liberal politicians enabling and coddling criminals while neglecting the well-being of their constituents.

“And don’t for a second buy the garbage from SB 553 supporters that they want to reduce violence – if they really did want to protect the public, they wouldn’t be letting violent criminals out of prison and would be supporting law enforcement and prosecutors to put criminals behind bars for their crimes,” DeMaio says.

Instead, the miscreants in Sacramento want to let criminals off while the victims of their crimes are accused of unlawful activity.

There is something wrong with this picture.

Of course, it IS California—America’s premier destination for the homeless, gang members, illegal immigrants, drug dealers, transgender cultists, pedophiles, and other sexual deviants.

It’s a state already on the decline, with a record 1.4 million people fleeing lawless California in the past year for places like Florida, Texas, Nevada, and Idaho.

Gov. Gavin “Slick” Newsom

It’s a state with a governor who is eyeing the White House now that he has just about destroyed California after turning San Francisco into a cesspool when he was mayor there.

Of course, with Joe Biden having already caused historic damage to America’s economy, its social fabric, and its once praiseworthy reputation, you have to wonder just how much more damage Gavin “slick” Newsom could possibly do to America.

Not to worry.

Newsom has a bucket list of harebrained ideas like Senate Bill 553 that will allow him to Californicate the rest of America.

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