Two New California Laws that Defy Common Sense

Good judgment and common sense have long been rare among California’s ruling left-wing political doyens.

There was no telling what inane law or regulation the blockheads in Sacramento might come up with—all designed to make life more miserable for the state’s law-abiding citizens and the business community.

That’s one reason the state has watched almost 1.3 million residents flee California in the past three years to places like Florida, Texas, Nevada, Idaho, and Arizona, where laws are created to make life more tolerable.

It’s another reason major firms such as Tesla, McAfee, Chevron, Kaiser Aluminum, Charles Schwab, Oracle, Hewlett Packard, Pabst Brewing, Symantec, and even Joe Rogan have fled the state—not to mention several A-list actors such as Matthew McConaughey, Chris Hemsworth, Ryan Reynolds, Rosario Dawson, Blake Shelton, Sandra Bullock, Jeff Daniels, Nicole Kidman, Dennis Quaid, Woody Harrelson, Billy Bob Thornton, Owen Wilson, and Glen Powell who have said “adios” to La La Land.

It’s bad enough that Californians pay the highest income taxes, gas prices (currently $5.35 for regular unleaded), food prices, and median home prices ($798,600 at last count) in the nation.

Add to those hardships two of the most insane laws yet proposed, and you can see why for the past three years and for the first time since California became a state 173 years ago, more people are leaving the state than arriving in it.

So what are these two crazy laws?

The first is Senate Bill 553—a law that will make it illegal for store owners or employees to confront and STOP shoplifters directly. Instead, if store owners or employees confront a shoplifter, they will be charged with a crime.  Not only does this bill turn crime victims into criminals, but it incentivizes more crime by letting shoplifters off the hook!

Smash & Grab Thieves are Not the Criminals in California

That can’t be possible, can it? Isn’t that turning the law on its head? Shouldn’t laws protect stores and businesses from thieves instead of the other way around?

Most reasonable people would say so, but in California, reason has fled the state along with all those businesses and A-listers.

Senate Bill 553 was proposed by Democrat (naturally) State Senator Dave Cortese. He says he is concerned about recent incidents that have led to shoplifters getting hurt or killed and suggests stores rely on law enforcement agencies to handle such incidents instead. Of course, finding cops these days in a state that joyfully degraded and defunded them is a problem.

Critics of the law charge it is an attack on public safety and yet another example of California’s liberal politicians enabling and coddling criminals.

But that’s not all, folks. You ain’t heard nothin’ yet, as hucksters like to say.

Indeed. In April, California Democrats passed another offensive law (Assembly Bill 665) that will allow the removal of children aged 12+ from their parent’s homes without a court order.

Say what? Yep. It’s true. In a nauseating kowtow to the woke transgender mob, the bill eliminates parental consent for mental health counseling, treatment, and medication for a child aged 12 and older. It permits minors to agree to “mental health counseling,” “mental health treatment,” and medications such as puberty blockers, free of parental consent.

In other words, the state of California has unilaterally decided IT knows best how to nurture and rear YOUR children. It knows best when it comes to gender dysphoria or when a biological girl can wear breast binders as she transitions to a boy or when a biological boy can start ingesting estrogen as he transitions to girlhood.

Apparently, the bill stops at allowing girls to undergo mastectomies or boys to have their penises amputated.

Maybe that will be the next iteration once Assembly Bill 665 is codified.

You must then wonder how parents will be defined in California. Perhaps the word “parent” will be changed to “person with no authority or responsibility for a child.”

Sort of like the push in California to remove the word “pedophile” from the public lexicon in favor of “minor-attracted person.”

After all, it’s insensitive to call pedophiles what they are: child molesters, child sex traffickers, child rapists, and child pornographers.

And in California, it is also apparently inappropriate to refer to looters and thieves as criminals. Instead, we must assign that appellation to store owners and employees.

How dare they, after all, attempt to defend themselves and their property from “persons entitled to steal?”

And just think folks. If stumbling, bumbling Joe Biden bails before the 2024 election; we may get California Gov. Gavin Newsom as the Democrat nominee.

Gov. Gavin Newsom: Biden’s Replacement?

This is the guy who, as mayor from 2003-2009, began demolishing San Francisco—once one of the world’s most beautiful cities. Today, it’s a cesspool replete with human feces on the sidewalks, rampant looting, and smash-and-grab thievery that has turned the city’s downtown area into a ghost town of empty office buildings, shuttered department stores, and boarded-up boutiques.

Since he became California’s governor in 2018, Newsom has created intolerable economic and social conditions that have triggered the mass exodus of people and businesses from the state.

So what happens if this incompetent, narcissistic, and feckless man gains access to the White House? What will we do? Where will we go?

One option may be to find a state that elects to secede from the Union. Because by the time Newsom is finished, America will resemble a decaying, decrepit California and that befouled, putrid city on a hill called San Francisco.

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  1. Pretty pathetic when even ultra-liberal Woody Harrelson leaves!

    California has become a textbook case of “the least probable is the most likely”!

    • Most voters in the U.S. are almost robotic when it comes to voting along party lines. Dems will vote for anybody as long as there is a “D” after their name. There are Republicans who do the same thing. I hope there is a third-party candidate in 2024 who shakes things up. RFK Jr., Manchin, anybody. But the Dem robots will vote for Biden even if he has to campaign prostrate on a gurney. What a country we have, Erin. Not the one you and I grew up in. FYI, I just watched the 1991 Oliver Stone film JFK with Kevin Costner playing Jim Garrison. The parallels between the U.S. in the 1960s and today are amazing when it comes to government cover-ups etc. Garrison made a pretty compelling case for what he called a coup when JFK was murdered in 1963. We need somebody like him to come forward and nail Joe Biden and his sleazy family. And we also need a news media that will do its job and start covering the corruption we are seeing in Washington. Sorry, don’t get me started on the corrupt media.


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