Using the Scientific Method to Disprove the Idiocy of the Woke Left

You learn a lot of things in high school and college—some of which are worth remembering. In my case, one of the things worth remembering was something called “The Scientific Method.”

I am no scientist, far from it. But you don’t have to be a scientist to understand and use the scientific method.

Okay. Just what is the scientific method?

It is a way of discerning truth based on inductive reasoning. It sprang from the fertile mind of Sir Francis Bacon (1561 – 1626), the English philosopher and statesman who served under both Elizabeth I and King James I. Bacon, known as the father of empiricism, argued for scientific knowledge based upon careful observation and inductive reasoning.

In simplest terms, it can be described as a hypothesis, experiment, and conclusion.

Bacon’s new way of arriving at the truth–inductive reasoning–had three steps to it. The ‘true method,’ as Bacon explained:

“The First step lights the candle, and then by means of the candle shows the way, commencing as it does with experience duly ordered and digested, not bungling or erratic, and from it deducing axioms, and from established axioms again new experiments.”

Sir Francis Bacon: Father of the Scientific Method

In other words, you must first come up with an idea or hypothesis about how the world works: ‘lighting the candle.’ Second, you must test the idea against physical reality, against ‘experience duly ordered’–both observations of the world around you as well as carefully designed experiments. Only then, as a last step, should you ‘deduce axioms’, thereby arriving at a conclusion that could be declared to be the truth.

If Sir Francis Bacon were to materialize today somehow, he would be tearing his hair out listening to allegedly educated fools, including judges, teachers, journalists, politicians, and a vast array of quacks and charlatans who say things like men are women, women are men, men can get pregnant, there are hundreds if not thousands of sexes, you are not defined by the sex you are assigned at birth, and it is okay to castrate boys who identify as girls, and to perform mastectomies on girls who identify as boys.

He would no doubt wonder what happened to the world since the 17th century. How could a 21st-century world that has gone to the moon, sent spacecraft to Mars, and achieved astounding scientific, biological, and medical advances be presided over by packs of buffoons, including the American president, who deny the most basic tenets of proven science, such as there are only two sexes–male and female?


“Do they also believe the earth is flat,” Bacon might ask. “Do they believe the earth is the center of the universe and that the sun revolves around it? Do they believe vampires and werewolves stalk the earth?”

“Yikes!” he might exclaim. “Let me return to the ‘Age of Enlightenment.’ At least there, we searched for truth. We didn’t mangle and maul it to fit some foolish political idea or some flawed and fraudulent social notion.”

Bacon might try to reason with biology deniers by showing them the flaws of Aristotelian thinking, which he would point out relied heavily on the deductive reasoning that ancient logicians and philosophers thought was the best road to the truth.

Deductive reasoning moves from general statements (premises) to specific conclusions. Take this deductive argument, for example:

  • All heavy matter falls toward the center of the universe.
  • The earth is made of heavy matter.
  • The earth is not falling.
  • CONCLUSION: Therefore, Earth must already be at the center of the universe.

Or THIS faulty bit of reasoning:

  • Most people get nervous when they tell lies.
  • You appear nervous.
  • You must be lying about something.

Or THIS defective bit of reasoning:

  • Penguins are black and white.
  • Some old TV shows are black and white.
  • Therefore, some penguins are old TV shows.

What we are seeing today is the same kind of weak and defective reasoning when it comes to the transgender and gender ideology movements and the glut of fanatic cultists who proselytize and browbeat the 99.5 percent of us who are not transgender or who are not befuddled by our male or female bodies.

We are witnessing the tyranny of the minority at work. The one percent who represent the cult of transgenderism and gender ideology are in the process of obliterating wisdom and established biological and natural truth, aided and abetted by reckless politicians, irresponsible educators, and complicit media.

To say there are more than two sexes, male and female, is an absolute lie any biologist whom the tyrannical minority hasn’t co-opted will tell you unequivocally and without hesitation.

Why? Because it is a biological FACT, the same way 2 plus 2 equals 4 is a mathematical fact.

A Retreat from Scientific Fact to the Age of Druids.

The dictionary tells us a fact is a thing that is known or proved to be true. It hinges on provable evidence and objective reality.

Sir Francis Bacon certainly understood that.

How mobs of mostly leftist biology deniers can ignore millennia of proven evidence and objective reality and push the irrational cults of transgenderism and gender dysphoria is one of the unfathomable mysteries of our time.

Even more mysterious is why these mobs of biology deniers have chosen to ignore scientific fact and blithely regress to the Dark Ages and before, when Druids, witchdoctors, and irrational soothsayers roamed the earth.

Sir Francis Bacon would be appalled, and so should we.


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  1. You are so right and this absurdity is only getting worse. Our daughter had to do her work training and part of it was about avoiding calling a group of people guys. No more can you say, “Hey, guys, I’ve got this great idea.” That can be offensive. They also are told to not assume a person’s gender, so they need to ask their co-workers what they want to be called. It’s insane!


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