Joe Biden’s Shameless Vote-buying Scam

When Joe Biden attempted to cancel $400 billion in student debt for 40 million people last year, the Supreme Court slapped him down, saying he didn’t have the authority to do that.

Even former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is on record saying, “The president can’t do it, so that’s not even a discussion. Not everyone realizes that, but the president can only postpone, delay—but not forgive.”

Debt forgiveness, she added, takes an act of Congress.

But good old stubborn Joe won’t take “no” for an answer—not even from Nancy Pelosi.

He’s back at it again, this time promising to forgive student debt for 30 million borrowers.

It’s all part of a bit of chicanery aimed at delivering on a campaign promise that he has so far failed to keep. Biden is brazenly attempting to buy the votes of millions of mostly young people who have drifted away from the Democrat Party during his disastrously failed and dishonest presidency.

During a recent visit to Wisconsin, Biden revealed his new plan to forgive student debt, essentially giving the Supreme Court and (gasp) Nancy Pelosi the middle finger.

Crooked Joe called the Supreme Court’s decision a mistake—thereby establishing himself as the final arbiter of what is legal and what is illegal in America—the Supreme Court be damned.

Does the word “dictator” come to mind?

Biden ordered the Department of Education to draft a new student debt forgiveness plan using a different legal authority. Biden’s new gambit is more focused than his plan last year, concentrating on those for whom student debt is a significant obstacle.

So, what’s the difference between scheme one and scheme two?

Well, scheme number one would have erased $10,000 for borrowers with yearly incomes of up to $125,000, plus an additional $10,000 if they received federal Pell Grants for low-income students. It would have cost $400 billion and would have canceled a portion of student debt for more than 40 million people.

But better heads prevailed in the Supreme Court, and that attempt at jiggery-pokery was rejected because, the court said, Biden had overstepped his authority. Nancy Pelosi was right!

So why is Biden at it again with a new bit of jiggery-pokery?

In a clever bit of legal choreography, Biden’s newfangled scam uses a different loophole called the Higher Education Act. It allows the secretary of education to waive student loan debt in certain cases. The Education Department has been going through a legal hoop jumping process to justify just how the secretary can invoke that authority.

The new plan targets five categories of borrowers, focusing on those believed to need the most help.

Without going into excruciating detail, those five categories are:

  1. Borrowers who have seen their debt grow because of unpaid interest. It would cancel up to $20,000 in interest for Americans who now owe more than they originally borrowed. Some 25 million people would be eligible for that relief, including 23 million who would have their interest entirely expunged.
  2. Borrowers who are eligible for other federal forgiveness programs but haven’t applied would also get their loans canceled under the new proposal. It applies to the Public Service Loan Forgiveness program and income-driven repayment plans. About 2 million people would qualify for that relief.
  3. Borrowers who have been repaying undergraduate loans for 20 years or more, or 25 years for those with graduate school debt, would have all of their debt erased. About 2 million people would qualify.
  4. Borrowers who attended college programs that lost eligibility for federal education funding because they cheated students would have their debt canceled, as would people who went to college programs that left graduates with low incomes compared to their student loans. There are about 2 million of these people.
  5. Borrowers “facing hardship” that prevents them from repaying their student loans would have their debt canceled by the Education Department. That would include borrowers considered highly likely to default on their loans. There are about 1 million of these people.

Most debt cancellations would be done automatically with no need to apply, and they could occur as early as this fall—just in time for the November 2024 presidential election.

How opportune.

Of course, loan cancellation like this is uncharted territory. Conservative opponents will undoubtedly challenge Biden’s new scheme in court, and they should.

For one thing, it’s patently unfair that taxpayers who have repaid their loans or who never attended college should have to pay for those who incurred college loan debt.

For another, what kind of message does that send? What about individual responsibility? If you get a loan, you should pay it back—not default on it.

Instead, Biden is telling millions of people: “Feel free to borrow as much money as you want while you are in college because you will never have to repay those loans.”

In any case, as both the Supreme Court and Nancy Pelosi have said, any all-embracing loan cancellation must come from Congress—not the White House.

As someone who paid off all of my college loans, it is offensive to me that millions of others should not have to do so merely because a sitting president is seeking reelection and is willing to spend billions of taxpayer dollars to buy the votes needed to win.

Biden’s loan forgiveness scam is encouraging personal anarchism in which the concepts of individual accountability and conscientiousness have been jettisoned in favor of irresponsibility and negligence.

In a nation where narcissism and selfishness appear to be the rule rather than the exception, it’s the wrong path to follow.

Joe Biden behaves like the pied piper of Hamelin, leading the children away to an unknown fate because the town has refused to pay him after he led the rats away.

Of course, billions of dollars in debt forgiveness is no fairy tale. It’s real money our country doesn’t have, awarded to people who don’t deserve it.

Meanwhile, the rats in the White House are thumbing their noses at the rest of us chumps.


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2 thoughts on “Joe Biden’s Shameless Vote-buying Scam”

  1. I repaid my student loans even though it left my bank balance at under $5 every month.

    Biden is a traitor first and foremost . Being a dictator is just the end result. I cannot fathom how anyone can support a Demoncrat in any way at any level and actually believe they love or respect our Nation!

    If Biden wanted to do something he could sue Fauci for malfeasance in office and nationalize all Chinese government involved assets in the US (essentially ever business venture since every business in China is required under their law to have a card carrying member of the Communist Party on their board of directors) AND cancel any part of our national debt due China as partial compensation for Covid.


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