The Herd & The 2024 Election – Communism vs. the U.S. Constitution

On occasion, I receive emails containing interesting ideas and commentaries. When someone has written a commentary that is especially cogent and compelling, I like to post it.

What follows is a particularly forceful, frightening, and persuasive commentary I wish all Americans would read. It is entitled “The Herd: The 2024 Election—Communism vs. the U.S. Constitution.”

For some of you, the piece will be difficult to peruse because, if you are honest, you will see yourself described and defined in it.

For others, it will be an “I’ve been thinking the same thing” moment that explains why so many Americans vote robotically and unthinkingly again and again for the same political party and the habitually dishonest politicians who serve it.

The commentary’s author is Theodore Wilson. I have no idea who Mr. Wilson is or his qualifications. When I did a search, the most prominently mentioned Theodore Wilson was a black American stage, film, and television actor who passed away in 1991 at the age of 47.

In any event, I and Theodore Wilson, who wrote this commentary, have one thing in common. We both have experience growing up on farms in Kansas. I don’t know if Mr. Wilson is a die-hard Jayhawker like I am, but after reading his essay, I can say that we have similar opinions about the American electorate—especially those who vote as part of The Herd.

Please read on. You will not be disappointed—unless, of course, you are a member of The Herd.

The Herd & The 2024 Election 

Communism vs. the U.S. Constitution

By: Theodore Wilson

Below the lush green grass on rolling hills in Kansas, the ruts of the Oregon Trail were still visible in the 1950’s. On a one-legged stool, two old boards nailed together, I pulled on the tit of a cow until the last drop hit the bucket. She had to be milked by hand.

As a city slicker on my uncle’s small dairy farm, milking a cow fascinated me. I loved the hundred-year-old barn and the odor of the barnyard. My cousins, on the other hand, thought I was as dumb as a cow. The early morning chores and again in the evening were hard work.

The first time I sat on the old wooden barnyard fence and watched the ritual of the daily Jersey parade, I was amazed. Over sixty cows were on top of the hill eating grass, and they all were facing the same direction. For no reason that I could determine, one of them lifted its head up, then turned and started walking down the hill to the barn. The others followed, and they walked single file.

There were 18 stalls in the barn, and they all seemed to know when it was their turn. They would walk directly to their stall and begin eating. When a milking device turned off, the lever that held them in place opened, and they walked right out of the barn, back to the top of the hill, and grazed the rest of the day, facing in the same direction.

I grew up believing only animals traveled in herds, and Jerseys were uniquely the “dumbest animals.” 

Scientists in the field of human behavior curiously began making comparisons. Sociologically, humans are divided into two classes: those who are self-actualized, stimulated by thought, and pursue answers, and those who are meek and content with their lives, dominated by an insensitive and unemotional relationship with their environment. Rather than think on their own, they appeared to voluntarily submit to the control of governing power and corporate marketing.

Researchers at Leeds University, one of England’s major universities that conducted some of these extensive multiple studies on human “herd” behavior, determined, “It takes just five percent of the crowd to influence the direction, and the other 95 percent follow without realizing it,” according to Professor Jens Krause, of the University’s Faculty of Biological Sciences.

They are often referred to as the status quo.

People who make consensus decisions are referred to as “sheeple,” easily influenced to conform to the majority opinion. This herd mentality applies to numerous contexts, such as religion, technology, business, finance, and fashion.

Sheeple have no awareness of being led by others. Instead of questioning others’ opinions, they tend to avoid conflict, don’t speak up, and follow the herd. In other words, they forfeit their right to make an intelligent decision and conform to the status quo rather than do the work of self-knowledge that leads to healthy esteem.

Those who saw videos of the political demonstrations in Washington D.C. on January 6, 2021, on the internet witnessed the classic examples of the herd mentality. In these recordings, viewers could clearly see a handful of individuals taking control of the crowd, directing them innocently into the capital, through the door, then a broken window, and through the hallways. Over 95 percent of the people there were followers, demonstrating their presence. They appeared to have little awareness of what was happening. As a result, a few were beaten and murdered, and many were jailed.

Sheeple who remain stagnant are always at risk by following the herd rather than using common sense and asking questions. As we have seen, hundreds of them have been prosecuted by the Biden Administration and imprisoned, and the Justice Department has been escalating the process.

Sheeple are fair game, just waiting to be programmed and desensitized by media propaganda. The Democrats under the Biden Administration have orchestrated a policy of censorship to accomplish this, and they have used the Department of Justice to punish anyone who rejects Biden’s Socioeconomics, targeting traditional family values and democracy. Like a herd of Jerseys, they stand together, looking in the same direction, with no understanding of what’s on the horizon.

Current terms, the World Economic Forum, the Great Reset, the New World Order, digital currency, the Social Credit System, the end of the family unit, and the World Central Bank are fragments of the future horizon that sheeple is facing.  The status quo feels a solace of contentment, the other sheeple pointing in that direction. Technology propaganda provides bits and pieces of information that keep them pointed in the same direction and shields any information that might have the propensity to stimulate the wholesome thought process that might cause them to question validity.

To test for symptoms of herd mentality, ask them about the location of the United Nations. Manhattan, New York.

Suggest they look up the United Nations Agenda 21/2030 Mission Goals online. Give them tips: the end of national sovereignty; One-World Government with cashless currency and one military; the depopulation of the world; universal basic income, government-raised children; the world Social Credit System; the end of private transportation and car ownership; restricted air travel; the end of private farms and livestock, single-family homes, use of fossil fuels, and banning of use of natural medicines in favor of government laboratories, and, government control over your occupation and where you will live.

Other Americans who cherish their freedom and believe in the United States Constitution find any one of these principles scary and threatening. If they are too lazy or lack the courage to take risks and see for themselves, you know they are part of the herd.

Phantoms are not behind this dark force. They are real people behind this tumultuous agenda, which is leading us to the death of freedom and democracy. Klaus Schwab, a German mechanical engineer, economist, and founder and chairman of the World Economic Forum, launched the movement toward a communist one-world government.

Although Davos, Switzerland, houses the WEF World Headquarters, they control the United Nations in New York City. Schwab oversees the selection of membership comprised of billionaires and some of the largest corporations in the world who are committed to his goal of world communism without culture and individual freedom. They expect to accomplish this by the year 2030.

Schwab knew that his goal could not be accomplished without the United States because of its economic and military independence from the rest of the world. How the USA goes will decide how the rest of the world ends up.

The Billionaires Club, which has captured at least 75 percent of the world’s assets, now owns and controls the power structure of the Democratic Party, the Justice Department, the FBI, and other major agencies. This engine of aggrandizement has been using Joe Biden as its puppet to institute policies that will destroy our form of government and lead us to communism.

Is it hard to imagine? Write down all of President Biden’s policies and examine them. Try to examine all the unforeseen consequences of the future and surmise the motives of the Democratic Party. Notice the parallel between Vladimir Putin in Russia, who prevented his political opponents from running against him, and the tyranny of the Democratic Party’s use of the courts to get rid of former President Trump.

The dark money of the Billionaires Club has already accumulated $800 million to defeat conservatives in the elections of 2024 compared to Trump’s $160 million, and their dollars will be spent in any manner needed to ensure that they will keep the United States on course toward a member WEF communism. In 2020, they burnt cities and cultivated the largest number of absentee votes that the world has ever seen. Factually, they can pay someone to get inside our voting machines during the election, alter the results, and close without anyone’s awareness.

The herd never has the foresight of the future. Under communism, the family structure will be abolished to perpetuate a classless society, common ownership of all property, and the distribution of all products without the exchange of money. Religion, traditional family values, free enterprise, and freedom of choice will also be abolished.

The Biden Administration is already implementing and supporting some of these principles. Men are now competing in women’s sports, the woke agenda has been implemented in public schools, censorship of speech, the Alaska pipeline has been shut down, our justice system has turned into kangaroo courts, and they have legalized the wholesale butchering of 10-year-old children who have not reached the age of reasoning to change their gender. They turned Easter Sunday into Recognition Day for Transgenders. Biden wants to abolish parental authority, borders, and the use of fossil fuels, and the list continues to grow.

Once the communists take control of our government, resistance will not be tolerated. Every communist government implements genocide to force the herd to point in the same direction, with no exceptions. Fascism follows the same principle.

The Democratic Party ignores mercy.  They will execute dissidents as quickly as they kill babies. Today, when I was looking at an American Indian wearing a t-shirt that had a picture of four Indians holding Winchester rifles and the words “Homeland Security,” I thought, “guns didn’t do them much good.”

The cruel reality prevails: Americans will die, not by the thousands, but by the millions.

I watched an interview with Bill Gates on the 6:00 national news and listened to his staggering statement, “In 2030, you will not recognize America.” He did not elaborate beyond his unencumbered words, “Money will no longer be in circulation, and the use of fossil fuels will be totally banned.”

The status quo will not believe this prediction can be accomplished in just six years. Yet, in the blink of an eye, Americans will be equally transfixed during the next seven months. We will witness darker events than the election period of 2020 when cities were burnt, and the election process was compromised. America will likely be in the middle of a civil war.

The communist members of the Davos Convention this winter made it clear that Trump cannot be allowed to win the 2024 Presidential election. However, we now have the elements of a historical event. Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s entry in the election as an independent will compromise the 800-million-dollar Democratic Party’s election fund.

Probability supports the belief that there are enough voters who hate Trump or are fed up with Biden’s monkeyshines that it would make it impossible for Biden supporters to win the presidency by rigging the election results without the embarrassment of being obvious.

Members of the herd could wake up.

What will the powerful billionaires need to do to win? Only one hurdle remains with the FBI, the Justice Department, and the presidency in their pockets. Our founding fathers wrote a Constitution creating a system of checks and balances. They need control of Congress. Their $800 million dark money war chest will continue to mushroom, and if they take control of Congress, our Constitution will be fazed away.

Conservative leaders don’t have a Davos Convention or a united agenda. They are fragmented. Republicans expected to regain power in 2022 but managed an embarrassing slight edge. They didn’t even come up with a logical reason why voters didn’t seem to be standing up for the Constitution and traditional family values.

Does the herd care?

They watch CBS, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, and the rest of the Davos networks and remain desensitized. They push the button on their remotes, believing, “It’s a wonderful life.”

There remains one big difference between a cow and a human. You can’t reason with a four-legged animal, but people can change. Certainly, when the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor, everyone united.

How do we get the herd’s attention before November 5, 2024? This election appears to be a rematch between Biden and Trump, but realistically, voters will be casting ballots for communism under a one-world government or the preservation of the United States under our Constitution.

Every senator elected this November will be in the United States Congress in 2030 when the Davos Great Reset takes place. All the candidates running for office this year must be asked the question, “Are you supporting communism or the Constitution?” It’s an issue that must be addressed before the primaries in August. Americans must understand this before contributing to a campaign or voting for a candidate.

The World Economic Forum has praised Yuval Noah Harari, a Jewish professor of History at Hebrew University. He no longer believes in God and sees humanity as becoming technohumans. In the future, people will emulate Stepford Wives in the flesh, wired to think and behave as programmed. They will become fawning followers of the communist party, submissive and lacking free will, engineered to think and act as servants of their leaders.

          Yuval Noah Harari: “The Profit”

For this reason, the WEF calls Professor Harari “the Profit,” and they believe his prophecy will be achieved in 2030. His prognosis appears to be on schedule.

Americans under the age of fifty have become less creative and romantic. Their houses are kitsch, with all-white woodwork and sterile straight-line furniture that matches their stove, refrigerator, and washing machine.

Art, classical music, and the culture of the past have disappeared. People wake up in the morning, turn on their electronic devices, and let technology take over their day.

Meanwhile, the Biden regime continues to issue edicts that limit our freedom to speak and think. It spies on, harrases, and prosecutes political opponents like Donald Trump.

Its goal: a one-party system of government that Vladimir Lenin would envy.

And The Herd obediently watches.

As Plato so presciently wrote more than 2,000 years ago:

 “If you do not take an interest

in the affairs of your government,

then you are doomed to live under

the rule of fools.”


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