Woke-tard Oscar Ratings Collapse 20 Percent to All-Time Low (I wonder why)

I just received this scathing scrutiny of Oscar’s excruciating night of self-glorification and conceit and decided to share it with my followers. Let me know what YOU think. I tend to agree with journalist John Nolte’s caustic comments. I was able to watch about 15 minutes of the show before I had to turn it off. The pomposity and narcissism were just too much to swallow.

Here is John Nolte’s take:

Ratings for Sunday night’s 2020 Oscar ceremony collapsed by double digits to hit an all-time low.

Last year, the Oscars earned 29.6 million viewers, a bit of an increase over the 2018’s disastrous 26.5 million, which was also the previous record holder for all-time low Oscar ratings.

This Sunday, only 23.6 million tuned in. That’s a jaw-dropping 20 percent dive over last year, and an 11 percent dive from the previous all-time low.

What a failure…

Gee, I wonder what excuse the sycophant entertainment outlets will come up with this time?

You see, in the past, whenever the public turned away from the Academy Awards in droves, the sycophants blamed it on the Best Picture nominees, the fact that not enough popular movies were in the running.

Well, this year that was obviously not the case. Joker, Little Women, Once Upon a Time … in Hollywood, and 1917 were all hits, all grossed over $100 million. Joker was one of the biggest hits of the year.

Gee, so what could it be, entertainment media?

No, really, let’s all put on our thinking caps and try to figure just what it was that so repelled the public this year.




Are you drawing a blank?

Because I’m sure drawing a blank?

Oh, well, except for the fact that Sunday night’s telecast ended up being exactly what those of us who refused to watch knew it would be: Three-plus hours of elitists hectoring and lecturing the rest of us to make sacrifices they never will.

Milk, y’all — we were told drinking milk is immoral.

The whole night was smug and pompous and sanctimonious and hypocritical.

The whole night was filled with man-hating and self-congratulations… It was appalling.

The whole night was filled with small, petty, mean-spirited, divisive, spiritually-unattractive blowhards who obviously hate most of their customers, but who are so bubbled and spoiled and privileged and sheltered, they not only feel no need to hide that hatred and contempt, they believe that by being boorish and insulting and off-putting, it will actually boost their standing within a failing industry held together by literal spandex.

Basically, Sunday night’s Oscar telecast was a Big Troll of us Trumptards, of us Deplorables, but this time the joke was on Hollywood’s Woketards because we didn’t even bother to tune in.

Me? During the Oscars, I chose to watch The Mighty Patrick Swayze kick all kinds of ass in a double feature of Road House and Red Dawn.

The only emotional effort I put into last night’s telecast was writing this piece.

You see, I love movies way too much to bother watching the Oscars anymore. And if you think about that for half a second, it will start to make sense.

And remember…

We don’t hate you, Hollywood…

We’re just hating you back.

There’s a difference.

Kiss my ass.

Except for you Renee Zellwegger. You were pure class and you looked amazing.

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