Abolish the Police? God Save us from the Tyranny of Imbeciles!

Protestors across the country are calling for America’s police departments to be defunded and even abolished.

Are they serious? Yes, apparently they are.

Let’s just imagine the consequences of such an extreme and irrational move. The most vulnerable communities in our cities would find themselves without police protection.

That doesn’t seem very prudent to me.

Federal statistics show that America has more than 33,000 gangs with more than 1.4 million members. Imagine how delighted violent gangs like MS-13 would be if police stopped protecting America’s cities.

There is extensive data-driven research that proves that cutting budgets for the police while simultaneously demonizing their image causes a rise in crime rates.

That fact has been thoroughly analyzed and described, among others, by Heather Mac Donald in her book The War on Cops: How the New Attack on Law and Order Makes Everyone Less Safe. 

Look what happened In Ferguson, Missouri in 2014 following the killing of Michael Brown by police. First came the protests, the riots, and the looting. Then came the so-called “Ferguson Effect” in which police officers in high crime areas stood down and cut back on proactive policing out of fear for their safety or of being falsely accused of racism. That, in turn, led to an upsurge in crime.

Of course, in the foolish cry to abolish the police, the notion of crime is totally ignored, as if fighting crime should no longer be a function of police departments.

Then what should those weak and powerless police officers who remain on the job be doing if they aren’t apprehending murderers, thieves, burglars, rapists, child molesters, car thieves, etc.?

Should they be tip-toeing through the tulips singing “Kumbayah” while vulnerable citizens cower in their homes?

That seems to be what some of these protesters are saying when they talk about replacing policing and crime-fighting with benign and ill-defined “social programs.”

Social programs? Leftists who call for defunding the police either do not understand the probable consequences of doing that, or they are deliberately worsening the state of affairs by attacking one of the core institutions of civilized society.

Of course, those on the far left who subscribe to anarchy apparently want chaos and lawlessness. Their fatuous idea is to destroy America in order to save it.

Think about this my rash and imprudent friends: If you don’t particularly like the house in which you live and you decide to burn it down, you won’t get a palace in its place. All you’ll get is ashes. And by defunding the police, you won’t get safety, you’ll get more crime.

In a recent article for the American Thinker, Lloyd Marcus, who calls himself a “black, unhyphenated American,” wrote the following:

One police officer wrongfully killed a black man, which all of America condemned. The officer is being prosecuted. And yet, Democrats and fake news media flooded the airwaves with their lie that blacks are being murdered daily by police. Data confirming that police are the greatest protectors of blacks are ignored. Cops are far more likely to be killed by a black person rather than the other way around.

“Democrats and fake news media absurdly say every white American is responsible for the daily persecution of blacks. White Democrat politicians are outrageously physically kneeling in worship to Black Lives Matter, begging forgiveness for being born white. Antifa thugs are demanding that other whites do the same.

“It blows my mind that public schools, beginning in kindergarten, are allowed to teach white students that they are born racist. It is no wonder that many Black Lives Matter anarchists are guilt-infected white youths.”

Lloyd Marcus makes a lot of sense to me.

Too bad the obtuse left-wing androids who have rampaged through the nation’s streets for the past couple of weeks aren’t paying attention.

Regrettably, when emotions run white-hot and protesters and naïve politicians behave like mindless sheep, the wolves lick their chops and dream of moveable feasts.

Abolish the police? You may as well abolish government.

God save us from the tyranny of imbeciles!




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