OMG, the United Kingdom is Sunk

I recently received the following commentary from one of my followers in the UK. The author wishes to remain anonymous. I have left the British spelling intact. 

We have had a minute’s silence in the House of Commons for George Floyd. The mark of ultimate respect from the highest political authority in the land.

Respect for a man who was a drug addict, a father of multiple children he abandoned, a lifelong criminal, a violent thief, and a man who placed a gun to the belly of a pregnant woman.

All the honourable gentlemen and self-professed feminists of the House supported that kind of man. Respected him. Honoured him.

How many wonderful people have died, British people, without such a tribute? How many soldiers who gave their lives for this country, or policemen or women who did the same when we had a real police force, or firemen, or brilliant inventors, or renowned thinkers? How many people, ordinary people, do you know who deserve more respect than George Floyd did? Will they all be receiving a minute’s silence in their honour? What do you think?

Some of these people that died for this country were honoured, many years ago. Some of them who were brilliant, or brave, hugely successful or inspiringly heroic were given statues to tell future generations of their deeds. Future generations have looked upon the promises of eternal gratitude those monuments represent, and defaced them, vandalised them, pissed on them, imposed their barbarian ignorance and worthless spite on the memory of much better men than themselves.

Better men like Henry Havelock, who fought with honour and distinction in multiple conflicts, who had the kind of brilliance that allowed him not only to be the sort of military strategist who regularly defeated far larger forces arrayed against him, but who also taught himself Persian and Farsi so well that he became an official translator.

Havelock’s monument in Sunderland was defaced, the word parasite scrawled upon it. Parasite. Applied to a brilliant man who served his country well, by barbarian filth who hate the country they live in.

We honour filth who died, ultimately, as a consequence of their own lifetime of selfish, violent, repeated criminality. And we dishonour our own ancestors, the bravest and the best of earlier generations, men who gave everything for this country.

We imported millions of barbarians who have never known anything better, but we also have taught untold millions of our children to prefer barbarism to civilization, and to celebrate or defend, automatically, the worst of one skin colour whilst hating or attacking, automatically, the best of another skin colour…all in the name of escaping racism.

Criminals are no longer criminals if they are black. And heroes are no longer heroes if they are white.

Now we must live in this brave new world. And its capital is London.


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