America: The Smash & Grab Capital of the World

Once upon a time, America was a nation of laws. Thieves and thugs were punished when they were caught, arrested, and convicted.

Those were the good ole days.

Today, we live in a nation where smash and grab thieves are invading stores at will, cleaning them out, and walking away.

And, for the most part, local police are doing nothing or very little about it.

Take a look at what has happened in just the past few days:

  • A group of 14 smash and grab thieves operating out of three getaway vehicles stole roughly $120,000 worth of merchandise from a Louis Vuitton store in Chicago’s Oak Brook suburb last week, according to police.
  • In Chicago, Friday night, a gang of roughly 15 masked people conducted a smash-and-grab raid at the Neiman Marcus on the Magnificent Mile. It took only moments for them to rush into the department store, grab armloads of merchandise, and flee in three cars.
  • Last Saturday, a Nordstrom location a few miles outside San Francisco (AKA “Pelosi-ville”) was robbed by 80 — yes, eighty — looters in ski masks. The looters, armed with crowbars and other weapons, rushed the store, grabbed armloads of goods, assaulted three employees, and fled.
  • Louis Vuitton, Fendi, Yves Saint Laurent, Burberry, and Dolce & Gabbana were all targeted in San Francisco’s posh Union Square area last Friday night and several more high-end stores in neighboring Hayward and San Jose were ransacked on Sunday.

California has no one to blame but itself. It recently made shoplifting and smash and grab more attractive by raising the amount that would trigger felony charges to $950. Since then, pharmacies, grocery stores, and other retail outlets have moved out of cities such as San Francisco as organized gangs of shoplifters brazenly take whatever they want, in bulk.

Smash and grabbers at work

This is definitely NOT the country I grew up in, but it is apparently the country that many on the left want because the vast majority of the smash and grab criminals are residents of cities run by feckless Democrats.

Oh, and it turns out about 90 percent of those criminals committing these crimes are black—but you had better not say that out loud because black lives matter more than the stores and people from whom they are stealing.

Here for example are a few of those model smash and grab citizens who have been caught by police in Chicago and San Francisco:


The question now is what happens to them? If the past is prologue, then I suspect nothing much will befall these exemplary representatives of their communities.

When I moved to Chicago in the early 1970s and joined the Chicago Tribune as a reporter, a man named Richard J. Daley was the mayor of Chicago. Had this kind of crime occurred in Chicago on his watch, it would have been stopped immediately. Daley, a Democrat, was NOT like feckless mayor Lori Lightweight, sometimes known as Lightfoot.

He kept a tight lid on crime within Chicago’s borders. He was not afraid to use deadly force to stop criminals. I know. I watched him send thousands of police into throngs of rioters and looters (known in today’s PC world as “protesters”) wielding truncheons and nightsticks.

I recall one such event on Chicago’s posh Gold Coast when a mob of some 400 radical Weathermen Underground was rampaging, overturning cars, and setting fire to buildings. Daley sent police vehicles barreling into the mob. Seventy or so were injured and scattered. Dozens more were arrested.

Could that happen today? Not on your life.

Today, model citizens such as those above, are likely to be out of jail without bail on their own recognizance so they can loot and rob even more stores. Mayor Daley must be whirling in his grave.

Such is America today. Criminals and thugs are praised and celebrated by the left, just like the two men who attacked Kyle Rittenhouse in Kenosha last year and were ultimately killed when Rittenhouse shot them in self-defense with his rifle.

Joseph Rosenbaum, one of these model “protesters” was a convicted pedophile who had raped five boys between the ages of 7 and 12. The left hailed this reprobate as a “hero” as it did Anthony Huber, who was sentenced to two years in prison for domestic violence, use of a deadly weapon, strangulation and suffocation, false imprisonment, and battery.

A third man shot by Rittenhouse but not killed was Gaige P. Grosskreutz, who was wounded in the arm after he pointed a pistol at point-blank range at Rittenhouse’s head. Grosskreutz had been arrested and charged with felony burglary, theft, criminal trespass, and disorderly conduct. He is a member of the People’s Revolution Movement, a communist organization based in Milwaukee.

Looters, thieves, thugs, convicted criminals, and sociopaths. These are the people media pundits love to hold up as exemplary citizens while condoning looting, theft, drug dealing, and a plethora of other anti-social and criminal behavior.

Meanwhile, those whose stores are being pillaged, burned, and looted, “have it coming” because they may be white or Asian or some other “privileged” class of citizen.

As one BLM leader said: “We don’t consider any of this as theft or looting. We think of it as reparations.”

It’s exactly the kind of verbal dung people like MSNBC’s Joy Reid and CNN’s Don Lemon love to spew forth via their anti-white, racist harangues.

And it is also why America is now the smash and grab capital of the world.


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