How the Media are Brainwashing Us to Believe the “Woke New Normal”

There is an old maxim that goes: “Figures lie, and liars figure.” What follows is an excellent example of that adage.

We are constantly bombarded by images, commentaries, and dodgy statistics about our nation that do not reflect demographic or social reality.

Watch movies, TV series, and television commercials critically for a few days. Look at how the following demographics are represented: gay couples, lesbian couples, inter-racial couples, black, Hispanic, Asian, and obese people (now considered “off limits” for scrutiny even though doctors will tell you obesity is a grave health risk and a primary reason more and more Americans are diagnosed with diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and certain types of cancer).

If you watch television analytically, you will discover that these demographic examples are way over-represented in just about every facet of the national media: advertising, feature films, television shows, social media—you name it. In fact, after watching a day or two of these media platforms, you might think that one-half of the nation is gay, transgender, black, Hispanic, or mixed race.

Why is this? Apparently, the idea is to convince the country that these inflated representations are the “new normal” in America when, in fact, they are very much in the minority.

By presenting us with certain images which have an emotional impact and repeatedly associating those images with certain ideas, the people who control the news and entertainment media establish conditioned reflexes in the public.

In other words, they brainwash us. They make us think the way they want us to think, not by showing us evidence and reasoning with us, but by pushing our emotive buttons.

Those who control the media have an agenda. Their goal is to obliterate the traditional Judeo/Christian structure of American society, destabilize the traditional family, shred our standards, destroy our self-esteem, undermine our solidarity, corrupt and confuse us.

Brainwashing is best accomplished when you have no idea that it is being done but simply occurs as part of the fabric of your life. While you may “feel” that something is wrong, you are being programmed nonetheless.

Think about the TV Commercials, movies, and TV shows you have watched recently after you examine the results of a recent national poll by the polling company YouGov. The YouGov poll asked several thousand Americans representing all races, demographics, ethnicities, and religious beliefs a series of questions. The difference between reality and what respondents believed to be the correct percentages was telling.

Take a look:

  • What percentage of the country is black? Answers 41%. Actual 12%.
    Yet, if you watch commercials, you might believe it is 90%.
  • What percentage of marriages are mixed-race?  Answers 40%. Actual 2%.
    However, if you watch commercials, you would think it is 60%.
  • What percentage is “Latino”?  Answers 39%. Actual 17%.
  • How many families earn more than $500,000 a year?  Answers 26%. Actual 1-2%. Respondents believed that a quarter of the country is rich.
  • What percent of Americans are vegetarians? Answers 30%. Actual 5%.
  • What percent of Americans live in the NY City metro area? Answers? 30%. Actual 3%.
  • What percentage of the U.S. population of 334 million is white? Answers? 30%. Actual 60%.
  • What percentage of Americans are ‘transgender? Answers 22%. Actual number 1%
  • What percentage of your fellow citizens are Gay & Lesbian? Answers 30%. Actual 3%.

So why did Americans supply such inaccurate answers to these questions? You would expect the media to mirror the actual ratios in their programming, commercials, etc. But they don’t. Instead, during a four-month-long period in which TV programs and commercials were monitored, researchers found the following:

– Regarding television commercials:  While white men objectively represent a majority of American males, they have all but disappeared in American commercials. When they are in commercials, they are either old, fatuous, or dim-witted.

– There were no commercials featuring white fathers and sons. None! So while census figures show that 75% of white children live with both of their parents (a biological mother and father), advertisers choose instead to focus on children that do not live in a traditional two-parent household. Why? This is our new normal—the image those who control media want to exhibit to our population.

The Media’s Disappearing Traditional American Family

– Researchers also found that young white boys and teens have also disappeared from commercials unless they are gay or a minority. What distorted perception of reality does that serve? About half of TV commercial couples were interracial when in reality, they represent just 2% of our population.

–The study revealed that while the African-American population in America is only 12%, they were represented in 94.3% of all TV commercials. Black males are only 5% of our population, yet they were in 89.7% of the ads.

Are you starting to see how pervasive this brainwashing is? Why are the media trying to indoctrinate us with this relentless deluge of nonreality?

While the study revealed many more startling facts, one that especially stood out was that nearly every ad campaign for new cars featured a woman driver. In the commercials for automobiles, there were more black women drivers than white women.

European cars were the exception. Mercedes and BMW had no visible drivers. They showed the cars cruising highways, but in each case, no driver was visible. Perhaps European carmakers are more interested in selling the product, while in the U.S., we appear to be more interested in selling the political, racial, or gender message.

It is not only commercials that offer this skewed media-driven unreality. It is also nearly impossible to turn on a show or watch a movie that doesn’t have a gay couple or some other LGBTQ component. Based on commercials, viewers must also believe that the “average” American family is biracial, that white men barely exist, and that Latinos/ Asians do not exist at all. This is the illusion of the “woke” media that we watch and are influenced by 24/7.

While it is one thing to erase the stigma of single parenthood, bi-racialism, or anomalous sexual preferences from the American mind, it is another thing completely to portray these lifestyles as role models or “new norms.” Given the facts we have just seen, they clearly are not.

Just how invasive is this “new normal?”  Take a look at Disneyland in Anaheim, California. It no longer welcomes guests with the traditional “Welcome ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls” Why? Because 1% of the population that is transgender now dictates the behavior of the other 99%, and corporate America obeys.

Those who control traditional and social media are able to influence public perception because they know how to use these powerful platforms effectively. They understand how to manipulate the attitudes and opinions of the public with them. They don’t necessarily tell us how we must vote in each election. Instead, they decide which ideas and policies are trendy and which ideas and policies are passé.

If you don’t agree with Disney’s woke policies or that biological boys and men should be allowed to compete against girls and women in wrestling matches, basketball, soccer, etc., then the media will brand you as a bigot, a homophobe, or a transphobe. You are a pariah in the woke universe, and you risk being “canceled” or perhaps fired from your job.

THAT is the new normal in America. And it is one all of us should fear and challenge.

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