Once Upon a Time in America . . . .

Once upon a time, America was a great place to live.

That America is gone. In its place is a squalid, immoral, and lawless land that seems devoid of common sense.

We live in the Age of Stupid, where the world has been turned upside down.

Think about it. America is a nation where the criminal is the victim, and the victim is the criminal.

It’s a place where men are not only allowed to compete in sports as women, but they can have babies too—even though they do not menstruate or have uteruses or ovaries.

Biology be damned.

It’s a place where thousands of homeless and violent criminals infest our once great cities while mostly Democrat mayors and district attorneys do their best imitation of Nero fiddling while Rome burns.

Homeless in Democrat-run L.A.

It is a country ruled, not led, by a deceitful and corrupt prevaricator who acts more like the godfather of a crime family, than the leader of the free world.

Once upon a time in America, we could speak our minds, share our opinions, protest, and even criticize the government without being canceled, or worse—being thrown into jail without the benefit of due process and a speedy trial like the hundreds of incarcerated people who demonstrated at the Capitol Building on Jan. 6, 2021.

Once upon a time, America’s news media did their job and provided citizens unbiased information while functioning as a reliable government watchdog. Today, journalists are little more than left-wing propagandists who refuse to report stories critical of a corrupt, befuddled, socialist president and his money-grubbing family.

Yes, once upon a time, America was a great country.

Once upon a time, you could shop in stores where merchandise was not locked up behind smash-proof glass or plastic.

Once upon a time, you could walk the sidewalks of American cities without being sucker-punched and cold-cocked by some drug-addled miscreant.

Once upon a time, no smash-and-grab thieves were swarming unimpeded through drug stores, department stores, or your neighborhood Target or Walmart and casually walking out with thousands of dollars in goods.

Once upon a time, store owners or employees were allowed to defend themselves and their property from shoplifters and thieves. Today, in some cities, defending yourself or a business will get you fired and even arrested.

Once upon a time, in America, people could disagree without hating and killing one another.

Once upon a time in America, respect for others, good manners, dignity, and collective decorum were noble traits and not viewed as they are today as the societal flotsam of a quaint bygone era.

Once upon a time in America, religion and religious thought had a place at our tables. Today, religion has been banished, and debauched secularism has largely replaced it.

Once upon a time in America, mathematics and patriotism were not considered racist subjects in school.

Once upon a time, the American flag was respected and honored as the symbol of a free nation and its people.

Once upon a time in America, there were no drive-by shootings, and cops and district attorneys in cities like Chicago, Los Angeles, and New York were permitted to arrest and prosecute lawbreakers. Today, our revolving door justice system allows felons to be released via cashless bail so they can return to the streets and commit more crimes.

Once upon a time, children in America were educated, not indoctrinated, by deceitful communist curricula such as Critical Race Theory which teaches them to hate their country—and even themselves, if they happen to be white.

Once upon a time, minority children were taught that individual ambition, determination, and talent were all that were needed to build a successful life in America. Instead, today the advocates of CRT teach them that minorities are oppressed victims who can never succeed in a systematically racist society.

Once upon a time in America, the idea of owning your own home was an achievable goal, not some unattainable dream wiped out by high taxes, inflation, and government policies geared to herd people into crowded multi-unit housing instead of single-family homes.

Once upon a time, America’s borders were secure, and most immigrants arrived legally. Today, thanks to Joe Biden, our border is wide open, and to date, some seven million illegal migrants have flooded into our country—replacements for millions of working-class Americans who have abandoned the Democrat party and its socialist/communist ideals.

Smash and Grab Thieves at play

Someone, I am not sure just who, once said this about the distressing age we are living in today: “The problem with the world is that the intelligent people are full of doubts, while the stupid ones are full of confidence.”

Evolution does not always reward intelligence, and with few natural predators to thin the herd, we have reached a point where foolish and irrational people who reproduce the most are rewarded while logical and sensible individuals are becoming an endangered species.

We are ceding centuries of conventional wisdom and behavior to a growing cadre of idiots who have gained control of the asylum.

Once upon a time, in America, common sense was respected and esteemed. Today, if you dare argue with the woke mob, transgender cultists, or any other confederation of fatuous zealots living on the fringes of reality, you are branded an intolerant bigot and canceled.

In a nation where even using the wrong pronoun will get you fired from your job, suspended from school, or canceled, you must subvert common sense and go along with biology deniers regarding gender dysphoria and transgender dogma. If you don’t, you are denounced and deleted.

You MUST believe that men are women and women are men and that there are infinite human genders. You MUST believe that men can bear children and suckle them at their man breasts.

You MUST believe that the world will end in 12 years unless we embrace and fund the preposterous Green New Deal, give up our gas stoves, and go into debt to buy expensive electric cars. You MUST believe that all conservatives are white supremacists or domestic terrorists. You MUST believe that men who decide to identify as women should be allowed to use women’s bathrooms and shower with women in their locker rooms.

You MUST believe that Joe Biden and his crime family did not benefit from the millions of dollars poured into 20 bogus shell companies from Russia, China, Ukraine, and other nations in return for favorable American policy decisions guaranteed by “The Big Guy.”

Finally, you MUST trust that America is still a democratic republic, not the socialist/communist sewer it is quickly becoming.

Once upon a time in America, critical thinking and rational discourse were key components of a liberal education. Today, colleges and universities ban speakers and scholars who do not align with the leftist ideas and viewpoints that define most of academia. The result? Students are denied a broad education and an expansive worldview.

Yes, once upon a time, America was an exceptional country.

Today, I discourage friends in other nations from vacationing here or visiting unsafe and deteriorating cities such as San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York.

“Too dangerous,” I tell them. “Stay away. Go to Afghanistan, Ukraine, or cartel-controlled Mexico instead.”

So far, they have heeded my advice.


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6 thoughts on “Once Upon a Time in America . . . .”

  1. Exactly correct, sadly, at every point. Fortunately I do not intimidate easily so am less susceptible to liberal (socialist) idiots than most!

  2. You summed up the state of our country nicely. I don’t know what it’s going to take for people to wake up–war, famine, another 9/11. But we are getting to a point of no return.

    • Too many Americans are in a socialist-induced stupor to recognize what’s happening to them and our country. I worry about my four grandchildren. What kind of America are they inheriting? Certainly, not the one that you and I grew up in, Erin.

  3. You said that all so well, so perfectly. I no longer listen to cable news. I can’t bear the deluge of bad news, misinformation, and outright lies. I don’t recognize the country I grew up in.
    Kelly Marshall


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