Is Gavin Newsom Running for President in 2024?

Is Gavin Newsom Running for President in 2024?

You bet he is, and that should scare the hell out of every man, woman, and child in our nation.

But wait. Didn’t Joe Biden say he is seeking another term as president? How could Newsom run if our incumbent bumbler is?

Don’t be fooled by Biden and his puppet masters. The guy can barely walk and talk at the same time, let alone withstand another campaign for the White House—even if he campaigns from his basement, as he did three years ago. I predict that our stumbling, bumbling, mumbling thief-in-chief will announce that he is withdrawing from the 2024 race sometime after next January.

That means it’s California Governor Gavin Newsom to the rescue. But what about Vice President Kamala Harris, you ask? Isn’t she the logical person for the Democrats to nominate?

California Gov. Gavin Newsom

Excuse me while I laugh out loud. Giggles has about as much chance of getting the Democrat nomination as Robert Kennedy Jr.

Well, actually, RFK Jr. has a better chance than V.P. Chuckles.

So, it’s back to Newsome—and that’s a gruesome thought. He should be arrested and jailed for the damage he has done to the once great state of California.

And here’s why—and I am speaking as a resident of California, transplanted as I am from fly-over-country, also known as the Midwest.

But before I get to the damage Newsom has done to California, let me explain why I am so sure he will be the Democrat nominee in 2024.

The first clues that Newsom will be the Dem’s nominee are the ongoing social media battles he continues to have with Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and the upcoming debate the two have agreed to have. Then there is the fact that Newsom has spent almost as much time touring the nation as he has in California. And, oh yes, there is the discreet campaign committee he has quietly created.

Newsom has already consolidated his support for a 2024 run with key figures in the Democrat hierarchy—including Nancy Pelosi and important Hollywood and Silicon Valley donors. And we all know that while Pelosi is no longer speaker, she still controls every Democrat in the House. Newsom is her boy, and as such, he dances to every tune she plays.

Democrats who say (though none too loudly) that they don’t want Joe Biden to run again insist that Newsom isn’t a far-left socialist nut a la Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren.


Nevertheless, he is considerably left of center and definitely not a moderate JFK or even a Bill Clinton Democrat.

Okay, now that we have established the rationales for Newsom’s presidential campaign, let’s look at the reasons why we should all be terrified should he ever get the keys to the White House.

Thanks to Reform California, a grassroots political action committee that has launched a project to investigate and catalog all of Newsom’s failings  – and present them to the entire nation as a warning of what would happen to our country if Newsom ever became President.

If you want to know what an America under Gavin Newsom would look like, look no further than California, a state that under his reign has declined in just about every area that people look for in a place to live—education, cost of living, public safety, housing affordability, and evenhanded governance at both the state and local level.

Here is what Reform California says:

  1. Newsom Punishes Working Families with Higher Cost-of-Living

Hands down, California has the highest cost-of-living in the nation of any state – with California working families being forced to pay, on average, 42% more than their counterparts across the nation. Housing costs are over double the national average; electricity is 68% higher; gas is $1.50-2.50 per gallon more expensive; water rates are double to triple depending on where you live, etc. Despite massive state government subsidies, even California healthcare costs are 10% higher than the national average.

In San Francisco, if you make a whopping $243,652 a year, you are still considered “middle class” – while in San Diego, a $186,084 salary lands you in the “middle class.”

From housing to gas to healthcare and even bacon (yes, bacon), Newsom and California Democrats increase the cost of everything they touch through their high taxes and costly mandates and regulations.

2. Newsom Coddles Criminals While Turning His Back on Crime Victims

Crime is spiking in California – with homicides jumping 42% in 2021 and property crimes up 6% last year, with smash-and-grabs becoming a routine experience in retail stores. And it should come as no surprise. Newsom backed Prop 47 to eliminate prosecution of a wide range of crimes, and he has used Prop 57 to release over 70,000 violent criminals onto California streets since he took office.

While he coddles criminals, Newsom refuses to defend crime victims – refusing to make rape of an unconscious person a “felony” and signing SB 145 into law to allow a sexual predator to avoid being placed on the sex offender registry even if they molest a child as young as 14.

  1. Newsom Has Created a Massive Homelessness Crisis

Since 2018, Newsom has wasted over $25 billion on failed homeless programs that fund rich politically-connected developers to build government-subsidized housing units at a cost of $1 million each – or give vouchers to homeless individuals for motel rooms at a cost of $5500 per person per month!

Newsom also cut off funding from any homeless provider who dares to require mental health or substance abuse treatment for their clients – which studies show is the most effective way to get to the root cause and break the cycle of homelessness.

The result? While the national homelessness rate has gone down 10% since 2007, California’s homelessness rate has gone up 36%. California has filth on its streets, and lives are being lost daily.

While President Hoover once promised “a chicken in every pot,” Newsom recently demanded each community “do its part” by accepting at least one homeless shelter in their area.

  1. Newsom Fails California Kids – and Smears Parents

California schools are a complete and utter mess – with two-thirds of students failing math proficiencies and a majority failing reading and writing proficiencies.  Instead of fixing these problems, Newsom has a fetish for forcing schools to implement controversial sex-ed curricula in early grades and racially divisive political propaganda. When parents object, he threatens their school districts with illegal fines and labels them “racists,” “homophobes,” and “extremists.”

  1. Newsom’s Assault on Consumer Choice and Self-Inflicted Energy Crisis

Gavin Newsom has embraced the most extreme proposals of radical Left-wing environmental groups that have spiked energy prices, put California at risk of habitual blackouts, and made life miserable for residents. Right after he banned the sale of gas-powered cars by 2045, Newsom directed state agencies to bring the ban of all natural gas appliances in homes.  The cost to retrofit a home to replace gas appliances with electric appliances will run at least $30,000 per homeowner – a staggering amount.

Worse, California already has to import more than a third of its electricity from other states – with the latest projections putting the state 50-65% short on electricity by 2045!

  1. Newsom is Arrogant, Hypocritical, and Corrupt

While these adjectives are a typical fit for many politicians, Gavin Newsom takes it to a whole new level. Newsom had an affair with an employee – who was also his best friend’s wife – and blames it all on a dubious bout of alcoholism. After Newsom shut down businesses and imposed mask mandates, he dined without a mask with lobbyists and gave his campaign backers special exemptions.

There’s a pattern of pay-to-play with Newsom. Newsom receives millions from state contractors and developers and rewards them with billions in state contracts and housing subsidies. Newsom even hits these same special interests up for donations to his wife’s 510c3 foundation – from which she has drawn more than a million dollars in compensation.

Haven’t we seen enough of this kind of behavior with the current occupant of the White House?

  1. Two Million People Can’t Be Wrong

Since 2016, more than 2 million people have fled the state of California. Even with massive illegal immigration flows into the state, California has actually registered a net loss in population every year since 2014! Former Californians who fled the state have a multitude of reasons why they could not afford to – or stomach – living in the state anymore.

Find one or two and ask them why they fled.

Or, you can just ask me why I’m still here. Maybe a little context is in order.

When I first came to California a couple of decades ago, the place was a great place to live. Laws were enforced and obeyed; freeways, railways, airports, and bridges were incessantly built, upgraded, and improved; ditto aqueducts, reservoirs, and dams.

And guess what? Schools taught the three Rs—readin,’ rightin,’ and rithmatic, along with subjects such as history, biology, chemistry, literature, etc. Today, California schools are fixated on a dog’s dinner of social engineering and indoctrination: race, equity, ethnicity, and gender dysphoria rather than providing children with a solid traditional education.

Newsome and his socialist cronies in Sacramento are behind that and more—much more.

California was once rich and self-sufficient in gas and oil, nuclear power, cutting-edge infrastructure, water storage, and law enforcement. It had a first-class public school system and a state system of higher education that was the envy of the nation.

No more.

Many of these resources have become political abominations to California’s leftists. Newsom and his gang of comrades purposely neglected, dismantled, or destroyed these critical assets to placate California’s powerful environmental lobby, teachers’ unions, socialists, and a smorgasbord of whacko minority organizations adept at making a lot of noise if not much sense.

Of course, this meant nothing to an affluent California ruling class that commuted very little, if at all, was unconcerned about higher monthly gas and electric bills, sent their kids to private schools, and lived in exclusive gated neighborhoods where private security patrols deterred the riff-raff, felons, and homeless and sent them packing back to their middle or lower class stamping grounds.

To paraphrase Walter Cronkite’s old sign-off phrase: And that’s the way it is in California.

Right, Comrade Newsom?

But let’s return to the question I asked a few paragraphs ago. Why do I still live in California?

Okay. For a couple of reasons. First, there is incredible geographical diversity in this state that so far seems unaffected by its batty, left-wing dogmata.

For example, where I live, I can drive to snow-topped mountains in the morning, recline on a pristine Pacific Ocean beach in the early afternoon, wander through a desert in the evening, and sip wine at night in one of the Temecula/Murrieta wineries where I live. Have I ever done all of that in one day? No, but I could if I wanted to.

Murrieta, California: Still A Great Place to Live

Then, there is the weather. I have sunshine about 320 days of the year, and I haven’t needed anything heavier than a windbreaker on the coldest of days. (FYI, “cold” where I live just north of San Diego means whenever the temperature drops below 60 degrees.)

So that’s why I live in California. Even though it isn’t the magnificent “Golden State” that it used to be and even though it is mismanaged by a clique of leftist idiots, I will remain here because of the geographic variety and beauty—and, of course, the weather.

Until the political malefactors figure out how to take those things away from me, I plan to stick it out.

Who knows? Maybe a Republican or a Libertarian will someday breach the one-party Democrat citadel in Sacramento and save California from total obliteration.

As with millions of the great unwashed here in California, I can only hope– and keep my fingers crossed that Americans everywhere wake up before Gavin Newsom replaces Crooked Joe at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.


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