Donald Trump is Gulliver; Leftists are Lilliputians

Today, I am turning my blog over to Mike Ford, founder and managing editor of the American Free News Network to which I am a contributor. Mike is also a former U.S. Army Colonel and US Military Academy graduate (class of 1980). In today’s post, Mike looks at the emotion of envy (one of the Seven Deadly Sins) and how it drives the left’s frenzied and neurotic pursuit of Donald Trump–a Gulliver in a nation of leftist Lilliputians. Enjoy!

Donald Trump is Gulliver; Leftists are Lilliputians

In over a century of political propaganda, much of it promulgated in schools, Democrats have adopted envy as a political weapon. They are using it to muster an ill-informed, captive electorate of Lilliputians, to attack and destroy the Gullivers–giant men such as Donald Trump, who actually build things of benefit to society and provide employment to most of it.

By my last count, there were 91 criminal indictments, and civil charges racked up against former President Donald John Trump, now the Republican frontrunner for the 2024 Presidential nomination. One set of these is a series of civil charges by the Attorney General of the State of New York, which accuse President Trump and members of his family of fraud.

Interestingly, neither the DA nor the Judge in the case have been able to point to any victim. More on that in another piece. By the time this is published, there will likely be several more political lawfare attacks on the former President. 

It goes without saying that the fact that all of these dropped right in the middle of the Republican Primary season is, of course, no accident. We all understand the political strategy. The Democrat machine is absolutely terrified that the senile, doddering old pedophile, nominally at the helm of their party, will be no match for Donald Trump this next time around.

The economy is in the dumper, with gas prices almost double, inflation running rampant, and an open and notorious effort by deeply disordered sexual deviants to impart their lifestyle onto our impressionable young children, some as young as four years old. The “attractive” nuisance Biden has created at the Southern border, which has promoted a fentanyl crisis of epic proportions and the surge in sexual trafficking, as I’ve detailed here and here, has not only angered Republicans but also a broad swath of Independents and even more than a few Democrats. 

All of that notwithstanding, there is a level of visceral hatred for Trump that goes far and above “mere politics.”

I have had conversations with folks whom, normally, I would hold in high regard and respect. I walked several of them through a step-by-step of why, contrary to Judge Arthur F. Engoron’s ruling, it can be right, proper, and legal, under both Federal and State laws, to value a business property for the purposes of getting a loan, at more than 5000% of what its tax valuation may be. That’s right. 5000% OVER tax value. I’ll explain that in detail in a follow-up piece…(hint: think depreciation laws/regulations). 

My explanation, using examples of business property I had previously owned, didn’t get any traction. On the contrary, I was met with derision and ridicule and was called a “cultist” and other pejoratives not suitable for a family-friendly article. One retired career military officer called me a “traitor” and threatened to report me for fraud. I cannot remember the last time such a broad swath of Americans despised one of their fellow citizens–a citizen who, in 77 years of life, has yet to be convicted of any crime.

This involves much more than mere politics. Or should I say, it might be socialist/communist “politics of envy” now adopted by the Democrats and made mainstream? At one time, men of accomplishment were admired. At one time, The Donald was widely admired, even in leftist circles. I’m sure we’ve all seen pictures of him being warmly regarded by Black leaders. So, what changed—I mean, besides the politics?

The answer might be apparent in the 10th commandment Moses brought down from Mount Sinai.

“You shall not covet your neighbor’s house; you shall not covet your neighbor’s wife, nor his male servant, nor his female servant, nor his ox, nor his donkey, nor anything that is your neighbor’s.”

Exodus 20:17

Another shorter version of that is—ENVY. Based on what I have seen in politics and in popular culture in the six decades I’ve been around, there’s a really good reason Envy is one of the Seven Deadly Sins.  We can see that both in politics and in popular culture.

Because of an over century-long psychological operation run by the left—Socialists, Communists, Democrats; envy has morphed from being a deadly sin decried by The Almighty into the go-to tool in the Democrat equipment locker. The left’s operating paradigm is to point out “unfairness” in the distribution of income and wealth. They then propose to “properly” distribute the fruits of somebody else’s labor.

In Trump’s New York civil case, we are seeing an open and notorious attempt to normalize this kind of theft under color of law. Judge Engoron has ordered the total dissolution and sale of Trump’s New York organization, with the proceeds declared “ill-gotten gains” and confiscated. As part of that, Engoron ordered a special Receiver to run the organization. If it wasn’t so serious, it would be hilarious. A judge in a city and state that has lost all control of their fiscal houses is going to run Trump’s organization. Please!

In short, two people who have never really built anything in their entire lives, never signed the front of a paycheck, presume to destroy a multi-billion dollar organization built by a man far more accomplished than they will ever be. They get support for that by taking advantage of most Americans’ pitiful understanding of economics and an ever-decreasing number of those who have owned their own businesses.  AG James and Judge Engoron model that by bringing and furthering this travesty. 

Interestingly, Engoron shouldn’t even be handling this case, as both he and his court don’t have the wherewithal to understand the issues and properly rule. Such cases are handled by the Commercial Division, with Judges and Prosecutors who actually know how business works (or one would think).

Trump’s lawyers wanted James’ lawsuit moved to a judge in the court’s Commercial Division, which is set up to handle complex corporate litigation, but an administrative judge kept the case with Engoron, citing his experience with the matter.

Read this fluff peace on Judge Engoron from AP News.

I am not a lawyer. Neither have I spent the night at a Motel 6 in over 10 years. Having said that, I see this going in one of two directions. One would be that the Trump legal team goes to a “prevent” defense, attempting to limit possible long-term financial exposure. The other is that Trump decides that this is the time to go to the mat and take it all the way. My gut tells me that if he does do this, he will ultimately prevail. And remember, this is a civil suit. I’ll discuss some of the ins and outs (and thus expose myself to ridicule by those who DO know the law) in a subsequent piece.

Lilliputians (AKA Democrats) want to restrain & incarcerate Gulliver (AKA Donald Trump)

Where does this leave us? Donald Trump has the wherewithal to fight this and the other political attacks by the left. This really is a case of a bunch of leftists of little to no accomplishment attacking one of their betters. But what if it was one of us? Which of us has the financial resources to put up a fight against one or more government entities who are prosecuting us for a crime (or civil error) that we did not commit?

The government has lawyers on taxpayer-funded salaries. We, however, not only pay those taxes, but we have to pay our lawyers by the billable hour. Remember, Lt. General Michael Flynn lost almost his entire lifelong net worth, being prosecuted for actions that were part of his job as National Security Advisor (designee).

When this is all said and done, there needs to be sanctions-hard, punitive sanctions brought against Judge Engoron and AG James for using the color of office to promote politically driven lawfare against a U.S. Citizen. Along with those, we need to get back in the classrooms, and along with a revival of civics, we need to start teaching kids free market economics. We need to teach them that most people who build businesses, employ people, and create wealth are heroes, not bad guys.


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