Iran is doing what China wants: Creating Chaos in the Middle East

When Hamas launched a surprise attack on Israel over the weekend, don’t think for an instant it did so without Iran’s permission—and, by extension, China’s.

Our world has suddenly become a much more dangerous place, and no one is happier to see that than dictator-for-life Xi Jinping.

The Chinese Communist Party is no doubt rejoicing at the kind of violence and instability we are seeing in European Ukraine, the Middle East, and even in many American cities. The more instability and violence, the better China likes it.

Hamas fighters: Surrogates of Iran?

I witnessed the massacre of thousands of Chinese students and pro-democracy demonstrators by the People’s Liberation Army one brutal night in Tiananmen Square 34 years ago, and I learned an important lesson about China’s despotic rulers. They will stop at nothing to maintain their hold on power and to advance China’s political hegemony in the world.

In some ways, we are witnessing a rerun of history from the 1930s when a powerful Axis of Evil was created consisting of Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy, and Imperial Japan. Today’s new Axis has China at its center, flanked by Iran, Russia, and North Korea—all essentially client states of China.

You might add Afghanistan, currently under the control of the Taliban, as an add-on to the new Axis. There is little doubt that some of the $85 billion in military hardware Biden left behind when America fled Kabul has found its way into the murderous hands of Hamas and other terrorist organizations the Taliban supports.

Taliban show off some of the American military left behind by Biden

In the 1930s, the Axis was able to thrive because Europe and America were weak. It’s the same story today. America projects political weakness and diplomatic ineptness globally, while European nations, just as some 85 years ago, still prefer appeasement over resoluteness.

But today, things began to unravel just after the Biden administration’s reprehensible and humiliating exodus from Afghanistan two years ago.

It was the clearest sign yet of weak American leadership. Vladimir Putin quickly discerned that Joe Biden was a faint-hearted and feeble leader. And he didn’t waste much time before launching his attack on Ukraine.

Iran saw the same thing and increased its support of terrorist organizations like Hamas. There is little doubt that some of the $6 billion in frozen Iranian funds the Biden administration imprudently transferred to Iran last month as part of a deal to free five Americans detained in Iran were used to fund Hamas’s activities and possibly even its attack on Israel.

I am sure Israel is very happy about that. “Todah,” Joe Biden.

Meanwhile, China has stepped up its aggressive military activities against Taiwan with nary a response from Washington, aside from a few hollow warnings and some stringent finger-waving from our toothless president.

Chinese warships and planes patrolling the Taiwan Strait

Chinese ships periodically ring the island nation of Taiwan, and Chinese bombers and fighter planes fly close to, and sometimes into, Taiwanese air space, daring Taiwan to respond.

Most Asia watchers say it is just a matter of time before China launches a full-blown invasion of Taiwan. Some say it could even come before the 2024 presidential election while an anemic and timid Joe Biden still occupies the White House.

History demonstrates that political weakness inevitably invites aggression by dictators and tyrants—and it is just such a collection of totalitarian despots who rule the new Axis of Evil.

Pay attention to what happens in the feckless United Nations this week. Will the five permanent members of the Security Council (China, France, Russia, the UK, and the U.S.) condemn the attack on Israel? I can think of two countries that probably won’t, and their names begin with “C” and “R.”

Who knows what the ten non-permanent members will do? Who cares?

Anybody who believes the United Nations will support Israel in its newly declared war on Hamas and other terrorist organizations has not been living on this planet for the past several decades. The U.N. is about as supportive of Jews and the Jewish state as Hitler’s Waffen SS and the Gestapo were.

Even in our own country, members of the far-left pro-Palestinian “squad” have already called for Israel to adopt a cease-fire and call off what is sure to be severe and warranted retaliation.

Pro-Palestinian “Squad” calls for ceasefire by Israel

A ceasefire is far from what most Israelis are seeking today after almost 1,000 of their fellow citizens were slaughtered in their homes and perhaps a thousand more were taken hostage by Hamas terrorists.

It’s about as rational an idea as an American politician in 1941 calling for a ceasefire a few hours after Imperial Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor.

It ain’t gonna happen.


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  1. You are right on Ron. Biden is 100% traitor. EVERY action he has taken, without exception, since usurping power with what he ooenly admitted was “the greatest fraud organization ever assembled” has been to hurt our Nation and help our enemies.

  2. It sure looks that way, Joe. America had better wake up soon before it’s too late. The election in 2024 will tell the story. Will the nation survive, or will we end up on the ash heap of history like the Roman Empire?

  3. Don’t think Joe isn’t rejoicing about this conflict too. World chaos means that people’s focus is no longer on his and Hunter’s illegal business dealings and other failures. Meantime the GOP can’t get their crap together to seize what should be an easy victory in 2024.


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