Socialists Force-Feeding School Children a Steady Diet of Toxic Critical Race Theory

As angry parents coast to coast continue to rebel against leftist indoctrination of their children, the nation’s largest teachers’ unions have let it be known that they will support Marxist and socialist teachers who are teaching Critical Race Theory anyway.

Here in California, the 310,000-member California Teachers Association, which is the largest affiliate of the National Education Association, successfully pushed legislation requiring that CRT, under the guise of “ethnic studies,” be taught in all high schools by 2025 and that passing the course is a requirement for graduation by 2030.

It is apparently okay that pro-Palestinian activism is a core component of the ethnic studies/CRT curriculum. California’s ethnic studies curriculum likens Palestinians to Native Americans, refers to Israel’s founding as “settler colonialism,” categorizes Israeli Jews as “European settlers” and oppressors, and harps on the anti-Israel boycott, divestment and sanctions movement.

In essence, Marxist Democrats in Sacramento have told California’s parents, “We have your children; we are going to indoctrinate them as we wish, and what are you going to do about it?”

What some irate parents have done about it here in California is to appear at school board meetings where the discourse has been heated and raucous. Some have filed lawsuits. Others have initiated recalls of leftist school board members. In some states like Florida, Texas, Idaho, Iowa, Oklahoma, and Tennessee, the teaching of Critical Race Theory and the bogus 1619 Project has been banned by legislatures.

Against this tide of parental and legislative antipathy, The National Education Association, in a piqué of enmity, has voted to support teaching critical race theory in K-12 schools and approved a “New Business Item” that, among other things, establishes a task force for developing a curriculum focusing more deeply on Critical Race Theory.

The American Federation of Teachers (AFT), another national teachers union, has promised legal action against parents and school boards who refuse to allow CRT to be taught.

Randi Weingarten, president of the AFT, vowed recently to file as many lawsuits as it takes to keep shoving CRT down the throats of vulnerable children.

Randi Weingarten

TAKE THAT, parents!

So, just what exactly is Critical Race Theory? Well, first, it is just that—a theory and a flawed and unscientific one at that.

CRT and its equally specious partner, the 1619 Project, evolved during the past few years as academic disciplines that declare the United States was not founded in 1776, as most of us have learned. Instead, America was founded in 1619 to preserve slavery, racism, oppression, and white supremacy – and these forces are still at the root of our systemically racist society.

Hmmm. I guess that’s why millions of brown, black, and yellow people have risked their lives to enter America illegally through our southern border since Joe Biden occupied the White House.

Oh well.

Supporters of critical race theory maintain it is merely a “lens,” arguing that “race is a social construct” and that racism is “systemic,” not individual.

However, that argument is a strategic departure that fails to grapple with some of the theory’s more controversial concepts.

Critical race theory reformulates the old Marxist dialectic of oppressor and oppressed, replacing the class categories of bourgeoisie and proletariat with white and black identity categories. But the basic conclusion is the same: To liberate black and brown people, society must be fundamentally transformed through moral, economic, and political revolution.

The way to do that, CRT proponents say, is to “teach” (read “indoctrinate”) children to view themselves and the world through the ambiguous and tarnished lens of race. CRT teachings reduce individual students to the racial categories of “white,” “Black,” and “people of color,” which are then loaded with value connotations – “white” students are labeled “oppressors.” In contrast, “Black” students are labeled “oppressed.”

Oppressed by whom? The millions of white people who voted twice for a black president and then turned around and voted for a black woman as vice president? Those oppressors? Oh, I see.

CRT is, in fact, a form of race-based Marxism borrowed from the neo-Marxist idea of critical theory—and it is as antithetical to the American republic as is Communism and Nazism.

None of this, of course, seems to bother socialists like Randi Weingarten, who apparently are relishing a fight with the nation’s anti-CRT parents.

During her remarks, Weingarten insisted her union would “defend any member who gets in trouble for teaching accurate history.”

That’s rich. Critical Race Theory is to accurate history what The Flat Earth Society is to astrophysics.

But that didn’t stop Weingarten. She boasted that the AFT is preparing for litigation to counter laws banning the teaching of CRT and has already created a legal defense fund.

“These culture warriors are bullying teachers and trying to stop us from teaching students accurate history,” Weingarten asserted.

Accurate history? That’s absurd. Most reputable historians see CRT for what it is—an attempt to teach white children that THEY bear responsibility for and are the beneficiaries of historical crimes committed by individuals who share the same skin color; consequently, they must atone for their “white privilege.”

Critical race theorists, in practice, sometimes refer to this as “internalized racial superiority” within white people.

CRT is, without a doubt, the most destructive, dangerous Marxist propaganda ever unleashed on our nation’s schools, universities, government employees, and even our military.

CRT focuses on race, relativism, gender-bending, and identity politics at the expense of the richness of human life and enlightenment. It divides children into various classes: white children are “oppressors,” black, brown, yellow, and red children are victims of the oppressors. I can’t think of anything more destructive to children than referring to some as oppressors and others as victims because of their skin color.

It is about as evil and racist a doctrine as I have ever encountered. And even though at least 30 states have passed or are about to pass legislation prohibiting the teaching of CRT, there are still some schools in America that are cramming CRT down the throats of children as young as five.

You will hear Critical Race Theory proponents insist they are not teaching CRT in the classroom, and they will insist that CRT is not even mentioned in their syllabi or course descriptions. But you don’t have to say “Critical Race Theory” to teach its flawed precepts and dogmata.

Those teaching racist CRT refer to its tenets via a variety of carefully crafted pseudonyms: “Social & Emotional Learning,” “Anti-bias training,” “Critical self-awareness,” Intersectional studies,” “Social Emotional Learning (SEL),” “Cultural and Linguistic Responsiveness,” “Restorative Justice,” and “White Fragility” to name just a few.

Call it what you want, but as Shakespeare says, “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet,” and Critical Race Theory by any other name reeks of racism.

It has one purpose and one purpose only—to promote state-sanctioned racism that will, in effect, drag the country back into the ugly politics of racial separation and segregation–exactly what divide and conquer Communists want.

But most of all, it forsakes Martin Luther King’s praiseworthy assertion that “children should be judged not by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.”

Sadly, MLK’s inspirational notion is falling on the deaf ears of America’s loopy “woke” mob.


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